Do it yourself. No grout, no glue,
no special tools and no mess

1 Clean your wall

First, wash the surface with a powerful grease-remover such as TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). Make sure you allow enough time for the surface to dry properly.

2 Trace your guidelines

Using a level or chalk line, trace a guideline to ensure perfect alignment using a Mosaïk to mark the height. If you are facing an uneven counter, mark the height of your guideline on the lowest side of the counter.

3 Measure & Cut

Measure with a ruler and report it on the tile. Using a box cutter and a metal ruler with a cork backing will let you easily cut a hole or other shapes within the tiles more accurately.

4 Peel & Stick

Simply fold back half of the protective paper in the back without touching the adhesive portion with your fingers. Now align the adhesive portion with your guideline and apply a light pressure.

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