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Five ways penny tiles can add more style and personality to your bathroom

Penny tiles may be small, but they have colossal versatility and elegance! This classic is coming back in style, embellishing our walls—and we couldn’t be happier! Timeless, Penny tiles still have a modern “je ne sais quoi” that will undoubtedly seduce urban design fans. Whether you want to showcase your bathroom or dream of making it look bigger than before, Penny tiles are exactly what your heart desires.  


1.  The larger the surface, the more significant the impact

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Penny tiles are perfect for playing with texture, thanks to their small circular shape. This shape gives them hypnotic results, mainly when you cover your bathroom with them, from walls to the ceiling. To achieve this “wow” effect, do not compromise on quantity—these Penny tiles have to catch the eye! You should also prioritize monochrome tiles to maximize the dramatic look given to your bathroom.


2.  Highlighting Smaller Spaces

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We love seeing Penny tiles on every wall, and we love using them to accentuate details! Penny tiles know how to highlight the best spots. Install them under the mirror or around a cabinet. You can also use them to create an exciting pattern!


3.  Mix and Match

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Penny tiles are not only timeless; they are also available in various colours. And we love them for that! Dare to mix and match colours without holding back. White and black is the most classic pairing, and it will give your bathroom a chic retro look. Pair our blue Penny Davy with our white Penny Romy, and add some wood accents for a somewhat rustic design. As you can see, the sky's the limit!


4.  That Monochrome Life

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One of our favourite trends is the feature wall. After all, this is a go-to solution to avoid boring bathrooms! Whether it is an entire wall or only half a wall, your feature wall should be bold. This decorating element must contrast with the decor while being harmonious. Our ebony-black model, Penny Nora, is the perfect choice to take up this challenge!


5.  Be Colorful

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Are you bored with black and white? Brighten up your bathroom with a Penny tile that matches your colourful taste! Smart Tiles offers Penny tiles in various shimmering colours, whether you prefer blue, turquoise, or in-between shades.

However you choose to update your bathroom, we have the easy way to do it with Smart Tiles. Shop our new penny tiles collection here.