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Discover How Smart Tiles' Peel & Stick Tiles and RVs Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to upgrading your RV, Smart Tiles should be your top choice for peel and stick tiles. Not only do they boast a captivating and stylish appearance, but they also offer numerous advantages that make them a favorite among many.

Let’s explore why RVs and Smart Tiles go hand in hand for those seeking the allure of authentic tiles in their home on wheels and why Smart Tiles stands out as the premier brand of peel and stick tiles in the market.


peel and stick backsplash tile RV black penny smart tiles

  1. Smart Tiles adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations. They don’t yellow with sun exposure and don’t peel off in the cold or high humidity. Whether you're at the beach or brave the winter chill, they will stay in place.

  2. The proportions of Smart Tiles are designed to harmonize with smaller spaces. Have a look at the Penny and Subway collections.

  3. Smart Tiles are versatile. Whether you want to create an accent wall, install a backsplash, adorn the bathroom, or enhance the interiors of your cupboards, the possibilities are endless. Choose a style that fits with your personality!

  4. The flexibility of Smart Tiles ensures that they won't crack due to your RV's movements while driving.

  5. Smart Tiles are lightweight, ensuring they won't burden your vehicle with unnecessary extra weight.

  6. Maintaining and cleaning Smart Tiles is a breeze. Gentle soap and water solution is enough to keep your Smart Tiles in good condition.

Summer is here, and Smart tiles is an essential part of any RV renovation. Choose our trusted brand to make sure you make a good investment. You will love Smart Tiles, the highest quality peel and stick tiles available on the market.


peel and stick backsplash tile in RV subway white