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A Springtime Inspired Kitchen: The Seasonal Versatility of Smart Tiles Products

Spring is upon us, and at Smart Tiles, we just want to let it in! With the change of season comes the traditional wardrobe transition, the pleasure of getting back outside without having to wear a tuque and the delight of eating fresh vegetables. Why stop there? Commemorate the return of warmer days by redecorating your kitchen! For our team, it all starts with proper scrubbing.

If you’re anything like us, you are also thinking about spring cleaning. Open your windows. Take down your curtains and blinds. We want to celebrate the light and drink it in. And so do your plants. Give them a treat by moving them near the windows so they can enjoy the sun as much as we do.

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If you’re inspired by the return of the sunlight as much as we are, have some fun with it by adding transparent and tinted vases. They create an incredible mood by catching the soft rays bursting into the house. Why not take the opportunity to create pretty bouquets of budding branches and fresh flowers? There is nothing more pleasant than being welcomed home by the delicate smell of greenery. An expedition to the florist or a walk in the forest is a must!

At Smart Tiles, nothing evokes spring like a little touch of newness to energize a room! Need inspiration? Take a look at our suggestions to rejuvenate your kitchen in no time!

A Versatile Classic

wallpaper smart tiles Métro Campagnola

It’s impossible to go wrong with the Metro Campagnola. This classic tile is always in style and its immaculate whiteness brightens the room. You can use it to create an urban atmosphere, a farmhouse look or even a refined decor. However, if it’s a romantic style you’re looking for, pair your backsplash with pretty floral wallpaper. You’ll fall in love with the countryside vibe of your kitchen, evoking the sweetness of spring.

If you’re going for wallpaper, stick to neutral colours. That will keep the floral motif as the main attraction of the room without overloading it. Pale tones and white palettes are foolproof choices.

An Energizing Novelty

smart tile Zellige taza

Just launched this spring, our new Zellige Taza tile offers the best of both worlds. Not only is it timeless, but its olive colour palette has a dynamic je ne sais quoi. Perfect for celebrating nature, it’s the ideal model to breathe a little life into your kitchen!

The Taza really stands out when paired with pale woods or coloured accessories. Try a pendant light in retro shades or kitchen utensils cleverly left on the counter, and voila!

Bring Nature In

Pietra Alcamo smart tiles kitchen

Speaking of nature, sometimes all we need is to reconnect with the outside world. Installing the Pietra Alcamo tile in your kitchen will work its magic to recreate a rustic and natural atmosphere. The finish of this model imitates stone to perfection. No one would even guess!

To enhance this style, don’t hesitate to compliment your backsplash with copper accessories. Marble or granite countertops can also provide a sublime contrast to the Pietra Alcamo.

With Smart Tiles, it’s easy to showcase your kitchen all year round. Spring is simply the perfect excuse to be tempted by a little something new that will transition well into fall and winter.


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  1. Peel and Stick tile Metro Campagnola
    Metro Campagnola (x1)
    Special Price $5.94 Regular Price $6.99
  2. peel and stick tile Pietra Beige and Grey
    Pietra Alcamo (x1)
    Special Price $14.99 Regular Price $22.99
  3. peel and stick backsplash tile zellige oai beige
    Zellige Oia (x1)
    Special Price $5.94 Regular Price $6.99
  4. peel and stick tile zellige green
    Zellige Taza (x1)
    Special Price $5.94 Regular Price $6.99