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Kitchen, bathroom, shelf, dresser, laundry room... your creativity has no limits and Smart Tiles are just right for your projects!

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July's Winner

July's Winner

@queenili chose the beautiful 'Sicile' tile (SM7000G). This perfectly matches her white and black kitchen with its gray tones. 'Sicily' adds charm to any kitchen with its romantic style. #MadeWithSmartTiles

Increase your chances
1. Let in the light
Open wide your curtains, let the sunshine in, turn on your ceiling lights! Use all available means to take maximum advantage of the lighting available but avoid using the flash.
2. Clean up the stage
Keep it simple. Add a plant, two or three props made of wood, get the dishes out of the sink, the sponge off the counter, and there you go - a beautiful, Scandinavian-style kitchen.
3. Compose your image
Remember to keep the horizon straight and the lines vertical. Take the time to compose a nice frame and make your photo attractive. It's your beautiful DIY project that will win us over, not your ceiling!
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