When the walls tell stories to your little ones

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Feeling nostalgic...

Feeling nostalgic...

Remember all of the posters that lined the wall in your childhood bedroom?

Imagine if these images came alive to play and tell a story.

Picture your child's face lighting up when he finds that his favourite character not only lives in his kingdom, but they can also have fun and learn together.

That is what we are offering with our Wall Stories, adhesive and interactive wall decorations.

We promise many magical moments for your child 3 years and older.

Discover our story

What are we offering?

+ A life-sized wall sticker

Chemical-free, easy to reposition and won't damage the wall

+ New characters

Stay Tuned! Many new and loved characters to come!

+ A free augmented reality application

Full of surprises to discover!


Try out the Wall Stories application

How does it work?



your decorative sticker on the wall



the application on your phone or tablette



by pointing your device in front your the sticker

Wonderful stories to discover

Everyone loves stories. If they become interactive, there will be hours of fun with friends like Alexander the zebra and many more.

The story can be heard. It can also be read by the parent or child. Also, why not learn a new language? Access is available in French and English.

Educational games to explore

Whether it is Frida the giraffe or Paw Patrol, our products are always fun AND educational. Words, numbers, and colors will no longer be unfamiliar. In addition, Wall Stories helps in the development of concentration, memory, and fine motor skills.

There are 3 levels of difficulty: The games will evolve as your child learns!

A creative mode for budding artists

Does your child love to play with the filters on your phone? Ours as well! Now it is possible to accessorize the favorite characters for fun and laughter.

Every child is different

Since Wall Stories wall decoration appeals to all the senses, children are enabled to learn at their own style and pace...

Stimulate and motivate

Reinforce learning concepts

Encourage comprehension with play

And Wall Stories may also be useful for those busy times when you need to keep your child engaged while you take a moment to prepare supper!

Learn by playing

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