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Smart Tiles is launching a limited edition: The Geometrik Collection

At Smart Tiles, our team is passionate about interior design and decor, and loves staying up to date on the latest design trends. To celebrate and share our passion with you, Smart Tiles is launching an exclusive, limited edition, small-batch tile collection happening twice a year for the autumn-winter and the spring-summer seasons. Be sure to pick them up while supplies last. We’re sure they’ll be an automatic sellout!

The first series in our limited edition collection is inspired by the groovy Swinging Sixties. Showcased in London in the 1960s, this effervescent style of clothing, music and, of course, interior design was based on colourful and eclectic geometric patterns.

Playful and peppy, this collection of geometric tiles will entice fans of pop art design and decor. With its their bright, citrusy colours, curvy shape and retro angles, these funky tiles will stand out from the crowd and are the ideal accent piece for any kitchen, bathroom or even living room to add a punch of colour and nostalgia. You can even create an art installation or restore an old piece of furniture needing a little TLC using these tiles. Forget the idea of a traditional backsplash! This collection is for anyone looking to embrace their inner artist because the sky’s the limit!


Coco Smart Tiles pink peel and stick geometric collection

With its soft and delicate colors, Coco will inspire you to explore your inner impressionist artist! Take advantage of this limited edition style to transform your space, whether you want to add a cool, retro touch to your kitchen or your living room. Its geometric patterns give pizazz to any design!


Coco Smart Tiles terracotta and black peel and stick geometric collection

We absolutely adore the dramatically seductive effect that black and terracotta create when paired together. Available for a limited time only, the Simone is inspired by the Swinging Sixties. Bring a little retro pop art into your home with this tile, no matter what your project! Groovy!


Coco Smart Tiles colorful peel and stick geometric collection

Niki, part of our Smart Tiles limited edition Geometrik collection, really knows how to make a lasting impact! Colorful and vibrant, the Niki’s unique motifs pleasantly attract the eye and will bring a smile to your face. With its retro colors, this style evokes delicious nostalgia. Let yourself be inspired by this tile designed to take your creativity to the next level!


Coco Smart Tiles blue black and white peel and stick geometric collection

The playful Louise has everything you need to bring a little nostalgic whimsy into your space! Its shades of blue and black and its geometric patterns will spark your imagination, and transport you back to the eclectic energy of the 60s! Use its versatile style to revamp your most creative decor projects!

 Fall in love with this far out era that took fun and fabulousness to the next level!