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Smart Tiles are Heat and Humidity Resistant

Especially designed for the kitchen or bathroom, peel and stick Smart Tiles are easy and quick to install, without a mess. In addition, Smart Tiles will remain stuck as long as you wish them to be and are resistant to heat and humidity.


Here, are the details about this very practical characteristic of Smart Tiles.


Heat Resistance


Once the tiles are completely stuck to the wall, 48 hours after installation, they will withstand high temperatures very well as long as they are not in direct contact with a heat source. So, Smart Tiles can be installed on your mantelpiece or even in your RV and be exposed to the sun for long hours.

Peel and stick wall tiles white

Nevertheless, to have the safest room possible, some precautions must be taken before installing peel and stick tiles:


  • Smart Tiles should not be near open flames.
  • More than 2 inches must be provided between Smart Tiles and small cooking appliances (toasters, toaster oven, etc.).


As for the oven, Smart Tiles can be installed near the control panel safely. The distance between the wall and the cooking surface is safe enough; the heat won’t be close enough to affect the tiles.


However, if you have a gas stove without a back control panel or metal plate, Smart Tiles should be installed 8 inches from it to prevent exposure to open flames. A stainless steel panel will fill that area and protect your wall.

SmarT Tiles Resist Heat - Gas Range Installation  

Remove Your Smart Tiles with Heat


Your peel and stick Smart Tiles will resist heat, even if it’s possible to remove them when they are warmed up.


In fact, to remove your tiles, we suggest that you heat them one-by-one with a blow dryer, but that won’t take them off. At high temperature, the adhesive will soften and you have to pull on the tile to take it off. So, it’s the pressure that you use pulling the tiles that takes them off, not the heat.

Peel and stick backsplash Smart Tiles Brick

Humidity Resistance


As for heat, Smart Tiles withstand humidity 48 hours after installation, when the tiles are completely stuck. So, you can install them without any problem in the bathroom and they will remain stuck for as long as you like.


However, even if peel and stick tiles will withstand a humid environment, it’s inadvisable to expose them to direct steam or submerge them in water. Smart Tiles cannot be installed in the shower.

Peel and stick wall tiles are resistant to the humidity of bathroom

Smart Tiles Maintenance


Since peel and stick tiles are humidity resistant, don’t hesitate to wash them. For maintenance, a sponge and  non-abrasive household cleaning product (dish soap for example) will be enough. Clean them daily to keep the shine of your beautiful backsplash.


In short, you won’t have any problems installing your Smart Tiles in the kitchen or bathroom because they are designed to resist heat and humidity! Don’t hesitate to check our professional tips for installation advice. You can also read our FAQ for other answers.

Peel and stick bathroom backsplash Smart Tiles