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Organizing your home office for maximum productivity

Messy desks may be a sign of creativity; however, they may not help to increase productivity. Disorganization can cost a lot of time and add stress. Organizing your office doesn’t need to take long, in fact, it can be done in as little as two hours. Transforming your home office will boost work productivity and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the workday. Here are some tips for creating a dynamic workspace at home.  

1. Add a backsplash in front of your desk 

Walls don’t need to be boring. Imagery and colour are proven to increase productivity by making the space look and feel more inviting. Adding a fun backsplash will bring new energy to your walls. Backsplashes are not just for the kitchen! Our Vintage Collection will let the imagination run wild, just like the Evora tile. This vibrant tile can highlight a defined space and give it a fun flare. It is a sure-fire way to turn your dull workspace into a gorgeous home office.  

Smart tiles Evora vintage

2.  Ergonomic furniture

Most will spend eight hours or more a day sitting in the home office space. It’s best to make it most comfortable as possible. It’s hard to stay productive during work hours if you’re constantly rubbing your aching back or dealing with a strained neck. Investing in a comfortable chair and desk is crucial. You’ll want to be sitting ergonomically correct position at your desk to help combat aching muscles too. 

Gaming chair ergonomic

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3. Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards are ideal for keeping organized and add a nice touch to your walls. They will display office supplies in a coordinated and tasteful manner and will be part of the office décor. Pegboards are affordable and are easy to install as well. 

Ikea pegboard office

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4. Drawer Organizers


Drawer organizers are great for keeping the inside of your desk, file cabinet, and shelf tidy. They are excellent for storing office supplies such as a stapler and pens. Drawer organizers come in a variety of forms such as small baskets, a DIY organizer, or even purchasing a ready-made drawer organizer. 

drawer organizer office desk

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5. Paint a chalkboard calendar


Chalkboard calendars are a fun way to keep work and personal schedules organized while adding more dimension to the walls. Chalkboard paint is affordable and can be easily found at craft shops and online. This fun calendar idea is guaranteed to step up your office organizing game. Chalk paint comes in more colours than just black.  Pick a colour to match the palette and theme of the office.

chalkboard paint calendar

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Changing organizational habits will immensely level up the work-from-home game. Creating a well-organized home office doesn’t need to be expensive. Just think about what will work best and how it can boost productivity.


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