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Make Your Kitchen Holiday-Ready With These 5 Easy Festive Ideas

Want to rediscover the magic of the holidays? Hot tip: it’s all about the kitchen! This year, the holiday season should be a time to reconnect with family and friends. And there’s nothing more heartwarming than having your favourite people hanging around the kitchen, helping with the cooking while having a drink. So, why not decorate the kitchen to make it as welcoming as possible? Take a look at our five easy but effective ideas to set the mood for your guests.


Garlands at the windows

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Turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland by hanging garlands inside your windows. Why not turn it into a fun activity, and create your very own decorations with friends and family? All you need are fresh fir branches and some wire. It’s worth the effort just for the fresh evergreen fragrance!


A hot chocolate station

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Sure to attract young and old alike, a hot chocolate station doesn’t require much work. Just set out some cute mugs, some hot chocolate mix and a few decorative foods, and you’ll always be ready to enjoy a comforting hot drink. A great focal point for your countertop!


Showcase your red kitchen accessories

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Why mess with the classics? Red is a must during the holiday season. And there’s nothing like a touch of colour to brighten up a kitchen. If you have accessories in shades of red, like dish towels, a decorative bowl or a Christmas wreath, now’s the time to show them off.


Add a touch of greenery

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The Christmas tree is surely one of the most important holiday decorations. And while it’s generally set up in the living room, there’s nothing stopping you from having a miniature version in the kitchen: a small fir tree in a pot or a few branches artistically placed in a vase. Let your creativity flow!

Install a new Smart Tiles backsplash 

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It’s often when entertaining guests that you realize what you no longer love about your kitchen. But embarking on exhausting renovations is not always the best solution. Keep it simple! A new Smart Tiles backsplash is a fuss-free way to add a touch of elegance.

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