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1. Clean the entire surface with a degreaser such as TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). It is not recommended to use dish soap for washing the walls.

2. Mark your wall with a leveled line at the height of the 1st row of tiles to mark where the top of your tile will line up to.

3. On the first tile of the row, cut the left excess using a box cutter.

4. Remove the protective film from the back of your tile and apply the tile to your wall on the horizontal line that you marked.

5. Apply one tile after another assuring that the tiles are straight and overlapped.

6. Repeat the process for the entire wall, removing the excess at the beginning and end of the rows if needed.

7. After 48 hours, your Smart Tiles have now become permanently applied to the wall. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy!

Note : The printed letters/numbers on the Smart Tiles are for manufacturing purposes only. To determine the desired pattern, we recommend arranging the tiles on the counter before installing them on the wall. When aligning your tiles, make sure to overlap the letters/numbers along the grout lines to ensure they are not apparent.

About our Smart Adhesive : Our specially engineered adhesive doesn't feel sticky? That's simply because it isn't meant to stick to your skin! We formulated it so it allows you to reposition the tiles during installation and it will set firmly onto the wall within 48 hours after being stuck to your surface. So as much as it is possible, do not touch the adhesive with your fingers while installing, press firmly once the tile is in the right spot and you'll be set for years of enjoyment with your new decor!