Smart Tiles help out a Designing Spaces couple in their last show.


They just bought their new house and are really excited about it. They now want to do something new in the kitchen to bright it up a bit. She wanted the glass tile backsplash look but when he saw how expensive it was, they rethink things a little bit.


And they are right. Changing the style in your kitchen often requires expensive remodelling. How about something cost effective and easy to do?


The peel and stick Smart Tiles have just what they need for their kitchen backsplash. It looks just like glass tile and you can peel and stick to a clean and sleek surface.


Should they go with the Bellagio Keystone or the Tango Titane? Look at the before and after in the video…







Peel and stick installation tips included in the video: Clean the wall with a degreaser, mark the wall with a level at the height of the first row of tiles and start in a corner at the furthest point from you stand most often in the kitchen. Go back to the starting point and start the second row.


You will also know what to do when you reach an obstacle like an electrical outlet.


Don’t forget to overlap the peel and stick tiles in order to obtain even spacing between all the rows and columns of the tiles.


This Designing Spaces couple add style to their kitchen.


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