Here it is again. A new season, a new beginning. Yes, it’s spring and it means more sun, more flowers, birds... and an urgent desire to update your decoration. But what exactly? Like most homeowners, you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive makeover. Want to know our advices? Read below.


Because the famous spring cleaning ahead weighs heavily on your shoulders, not to mention overflowing to-dos, you are afraid to start a renovation and decoration project. But as the hot sun highlights the now fade colors of your kitchen walls, it is certain that you feel the urgency to take action!


Self-adhesive wall tiles Murano Dune




There are different ways to run a kitchen makeover: new paint, new decorative accessories or even new appliances. But is this really the kind of tasks you want to for a quick change?


Painting: Ready to apply at least two coats? Imagine if you had to make three... Don’t forget to wait a day between each and to cover floors and furniture to avoid marks.


Accessories: Great. It’s ideal for even more cluttering. Can you find unbreakable objects? Because you have less space to cook now…


Appliances: First, are you sure your old ones are done? And how about your budget?


Smart Tiles


Not convinced with the above options? We have something else, a real quick, easy and inexpensive solution: Smart Tiles, the original self-adhesive wall tiles!


You do not even have to pull down the old backsplash. You can install peel and stick wall tiles directly over existing tiles.


You do not even have to pick up dust, to rebuild the wall. You will not have to buy glue, cement or grout. Leave aside your trowel, your specialized tile cutter... Nix the prep work with Smart Tiles.


With the self-adhesive tiles that we offer, preparation and installation are a real breeze. Simply clean your wall and put the Smart Tiles directly on.


Backsplash Makeover


In a rainy afternoon, your kitchen décor is restored.


As peel and stick tiles can be installed on smooth surfaces, do it on your kitchen island for a more modern look.




And yet, it is guaranteed that the product will remain on the wall, the tiles will not lose their shine and the color will remain the same.


How is it possible? First, our smart adhesive allows you to reposition the Smart Tiles a few times before you eventually apply more pressure on. During the following hours, the adhesive will bond literally to your wall.


Then, our laboratory developed Gel-O technology protects the color and texture from cooking splashes. This is the same gel that gives this stunning 3D effect and reproduces the glass tiles.


There are many tiles models with different colors that perfectly replace the traditional tiles.


You now have our advices in order to make the right decisions and finally update your kitchen.


Just in time for the warm and sunny days ahead!