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6 Home Decor Trends You’ll Love in 2022!

6 Home Decor Trends You’ll Love in 2022!

At the start of 2022, we’re all trying to be optimistic, daydreaming about comfort and looking to surround ourselves with joy and positive thoughts. Nothing surprising then that this desire for colour and dynamism is also showing up in interior decorating trends! This lively energy is everywhere, and we want it in our own homes… while also hoping to spend less time there this year! In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with arranging it to our liking and upgrading it a bit. Check out six styles that stole designers’ hearts.

Pantone’s Very Peri is very pretty

There’s no avoiding it. It’s simply impossible to talk about decorating trends without mentioning the new colour invented by Pantone. As usual, the company made a big impact with a sublime bluish tone with a tinge of red-violet. This spirited colour takes us away from the grey, setting us firmly back in the present and the digital age we live in. Inciting creativity and inspiration, Very Peri is a fertile playground for you and your decor. To highlight it, pair it with neutral shades such as sage green, burnt orange or even cream tones.

very peri 2022 trends smart tiles

It’s all about arches and curves

It’s the same message in terms of textures and shapes: we want more flow! This year’s looks have a much more organic feel, with arches and curves throughout the house. By playing with materials and colours, it’s pretty much a snap to integrate some curvature, whether by hanging an arched mirror, choosing spherical or round-edged accessories or by creating an alcove by painting a section of the wall with an accent colour.

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Accent walls

If there’s something specific that inspired this trend, it’s got to be video calls! Whether you use Zoom, Hangouts or Teams, it’s a safe bet to assume all your colleagues have seen your walls. Why not bring a little life to your office? Add a coloured wallpaper, or even a colour on just one wall to give a little punch to this room where you spend so much time!

accent brick wall

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Cottagecore fantasy

City dwellers are no strangers to this movement: the pandemic has prompted many people to reconnect with nature in a host of ways. Food self-sufficiency, gardening, walks in the forest… there’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to get you back on your feet. This has also translated into design with the Cottagecore trend, an aesthetic that serves as an ode to rural life. The look includes floral motifs, a natural and warm colour palette and, above all, vintage elements that evoke romance and nostalgia. Don’t forget materials like wood and organic fabrics like cotton. They will be the stars of your decor!

cottage core decor trend

Organic, yet modern

If you’re even remotely interested in home decor, you’ve probably heard of the farmhouse and boho styles, which have reigned in our Instagram feeds for the past five years. This year, we’re shaking things up a little and turning to modern organic! Refine your decor with chic black accents and neutral, elegant colours. To soften some of the contemporary geometric shapes, add curves in your accessories. You’ll see, it’s quite refreshing!

organic modern decor

Eclectic maximalist

Passionate about colour? This trend is for you! Say goodbye to the immaculate white kitchen. For once, we’re looking for rooms with a strong personality that celebrate individuality. It’s all about personal items and displaying collections that will charm one and all. Yup, it’s time to take out that vase collection you’ve never had the chance to use.

eclectic maximalist

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