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Smart Tiles: Your RV’s Best Friend

Finally! Camping season is upon us, and it’s time to dust off your recreational vehicle. Now seems like the right moment to start improving or renovating your motorhome. After all, summer’s just around the corner!

Smart Tiles has always positioned itself as a product adapted to RV characteristic features. Our tiles’ proportion, their resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures and their lightweight are a perfect fit for motorhome special needs. Smart Tiles are easy to install, maintain and clean. Thanks to our wide selection of dozens of models, all you have to do is choose your favourite tile to match your favourite design style. Then, the road is yours!

Smart tiles rv interior

To inspire you for your recreational vehicle adventures, we spoke with two RV enthusiasts, Jodie and Meagan. Here’s what they had to say about their RV Smart Tiles experience:

Jodie, @jokotravels A full-time VR traveller.

smart tiles fake bricks white rv

Meagan @revolutiontrailersmb An RV renovation professional.

rv renovation smart tiles

Q1: What made you choose Smart Tiles over other products?

Jodie: I saw the huge amount of love we received from installing our Smart Tiles backsplash and I had a feeling it would be a HIT! Smart Tiles are the perfect way to revamp a space, especially in the RV world with weight being a huge factor to consider. 

Meagan: As a Canadian RV renovation company, we were excited to find a “homegrown” option. SmartTiles popped up in my Instagram feed and we tried them soon after. We have exclusively used them with the exception of one project, but those times ended in the garbage and we replaced them with Smart Tiles.  

Q2: Do you have advice about surface preparation before using your Peel and Stick tiles? 

J: My best advice for preparation would be to make sure everything is smooth, sanded down and wiped clean so you have a strong foundation and something for the product to adhere to. 

M: Our best advice is to make sure the wall is as smooth as possible. We will use an RV tape over any joints between wall panels before we put the tiles on. We prefer to put the tiles directly on the wall board and not prime or paint the area if possible.  

Q3: Any recommendations about size, style or shape that gives better results in an RV?

J: Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong in this department! Smart Tiles has such a beautiful range of products that for me, it comes down to personal taste. The biggest factor is weight distribution and Smart Tiles has us covered in that department! Let your creativity flow, find your style, and have some fun! 

M: We have tried many different styles, from the Hexago to Oslo to the Vintage collection. We love how there is a style/size for every application, from a simple row behind a sink to an entire wall. In the end, we do find that larger scale tiles complement the larger surfaces we do in our Reno projects.  

You’re thinking about Smart Tiles, but you are unsure about which model to choose and wish to see finished projects? Take a look at our customers’ DIY! With these before-after photos, you are more than welcome to observe how a pretty tile can make all the difference!

rv transformation smart tiles

smart tile rv bathroom renovation

Smart Tiles loves keeping up with the latest trends and their tiles are no exception. Discover our suggestions and find inspiration to add a finishing touch to your RV!

The Smallest Prettiest Bathroom

inspiration rv bathroomPhoto source:

There’s no denying it: Recreational vehicles’ bathrooms are the smallest. That doesn’t mean you can’t showcase them properly. Leave it to the luminosity and timelessness of a white tile to make an impression! Get the look with Metro Campagnola.

The Cutest Headboard

rv headboard wallpaper smart tilesPhoto source:

Unleash your flirtatious side and make room for a touch of style! A headboard made of tiles will make all the difference in your bedroom’s vibe. There’s no doubt you’ll find something to your liking with our Vintage collection.

The Faux Wood’s Authentic Charm

fake wood accent wall rv renovation

Nothing’s more rustic than a wooden wall! With our Norway Oak, you get a striking look without adding any weight to your RV.

The Trendiest Backsplash

smart tile rv backsplash

Improve your kitchen with our Square Vendel tile! Thanks to its modern cut and Scandinavian design, you will have an elegant and trendy backsplash in no time.

Highlight Your Electric Fireplace

rv renovation fireplacePhoto source

Does your RV have an electric fireplace? Don’t be afraid to showcase it! Our Hexa Walton is ideal for emphasizing this warm and welcoming space.

Isn’t Smart Tiles perfectly suited for your RV? We told you so! All you have to do now is browse through our website to find a model that will match your design aspirations. It’s safe to bet you will have several favourites. Good luck choosing only one!

  1. Hexago Smart Tiles
    Hexago (x1)
    Special Price A$8.17 Regular Price A$9.62
  2. Smart Tiles - Vintage Cadiz
    Vintage Cadiz (x1)
    Special Price A$9.99 Regular Price A$11.76
  3. Smart Tiles - Oslo Gray
    Oslo Gray (x1)
    Special Price A$16.36 Regular Price A$19.25
  4. Smart Tiles - Norway Oak
    Norway Oak (x1)
    Special Price A$26.82 Regular Price A$31.55
  5. Smart Tiles - Brik Toscana
    Brik Toscana (x1)
    Special Price A$27.27 Regular Price A$32.09
  6. Peel and Stick backsplash tile Square Velden Smart Tiles
    Square Velden (x1)
    Special Price A$16.82 Regular Price A$19.78