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Incredible Before-and-After Room Makeovers

It’s time for our favorite transformations of the month! Our clients have made so many fabulous transformations and Smart Tiles has been there to help! Whether it’s a trailer or a laundry room, you can transform any room by using Smart Tiles. The beauty of our self-adhesive Smart Tiles is that they can be installed anywhere.

Continue reading on to see some incredible before and after room makeovers from our clients.


Looking for an affordable way to give your kitchen a new look? Charlotte made a massive transformation in her kitchen! Inexpensive items were added, such as floating shelves, a floor rug, and a tea towel. The key element: the Norway Oak backsplash. Plus, this backsplash perfectly matches her countertop which ties the whole space together.

Kitchen Makeover Client Smart Tiles@chanala10


Say goodbye to boring old fireplaces and hello to an update! Amy changed up her boring black fireplace and gave it a completely new look with the Vintage tiles of Smart Tiles. These can be installed on a surface whose temperature does not exceed 49 °C (120 °F). Above all, it is important to avoid any direct contact with a heat source or direct exposure to an open flame

Before and After Fireplace Smart Tiles@whitecottagehome


RV Bathroom

Turn your bathroom fun and funky just like Reanne and Alainna did for their trailer! The Metro Ava tile is a beautiful millennium pink, it’s sweet and delicate meaning it's ideal for any vanity that needs a splash of charm. The added backsplash makes the bathroom vanity more fun and vibrant. It also works nicely with that touch of gold and the boho palm.

Bathroom RV makeover Smart TIles@realdesign.twins


No bathroom is too small to transform! This RV bathroom is perfect for any traveler on the go. Our Metro Blanco Smart Tiles can be used to decorate bathroom walls in a house, but also in an RV, as our client did. This glossy finish and the pure white color go perfectly with any modern style. The mirror can’t be neglected either as it’s the focal point in the space. This new modern look strikes the perfect balance in light neutral colors.

Bathroom Makeover Before After Smart Tiles@legacylodging


RV Kitchen

When it comes to trailers and RVs, space matters. This massive transformation has made the kitchen unrecognizable! Giving the kitchen a new sleek and modern look will make a world of a difference. The countertops were changed to a beautiful marble design which greatly goes together with the Metro Cassandra light-gray Backsplash. New cabinetry was installed to help modernize and brighten up the space. It was all finished up by adding a new faucet and a houseplant giving the space more life!

RV Kitchen Makeover Smart Tiles@revolutiontrailersmb



We love seeing the transformations from our clients! If you’d like to send us your transformations and how you used Smart Tiles, feel free to send us photos or tag us on Instagram @smarttiles.official (participate in our monthly draw with #MadeWithSmartTiles to win $100)