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Dare to colour your world!

Smart Tiles offers a variety of stunning products for those who love colour. Energize your space and activate your dopamine!


There’s nothing more calming than green to create a relaxing and serene ambience in your home. With a variety of beautiful tones such as pale green, blue green, emerald, and khaki, the colour green evokes feelings of nature and tranquility. The options are endless! Whether you’re searching for an energizing or soothing shade, green is an excellent choice for your walls.

So which colours go well with green? Choose complementary colours such as aubergine, yellow, blue, pink, orange and white.

Smart Tiles picks: Metro Fiona, Zellige Taza, Metro Lucas, Penny Sergio.

Need inspiration? Check out this lively colour-rich transformation by @wherewegather using the Metro Fiona tiles:

Smart tiles Metro Fiona tiles blog where we gather

In this sublime bathroom, it’s the materials used that set the mood. The textured features of the Metro Fiona and the light-toned wood work so well together and complement each other so well, not to mention the stone countertop that creates a stunning contrast.

If you love having fun and playing with colours, this bathroom is for you. Delicate pink sinks and lamps contrast perfectly with the deep green tiles. And, subtle gold accents are the cherry on top!

pink and green batroomImage source

Recreate this look with the Zellige Taza



Just like the colour green, blue has a lovely, soothing effect. Often chosen for a bedroom thanks to it’s calming vibe, it’s also being used more often in kitchens and bathrooms. Reminiscent of the sky, the ocean, and the sea, blue provides a comforting feeling that we just can deny.

Smart Tiles picks: Zellige Costa, Penny Davy, Vintage Calvi, Metro Babe, Metro Ezra.

So which colours go well with blue? Gold, sandy beige, orange, apple green, coral, red, and yellow.

Even when used sparingly, blue never fails to steal the show–like when used in a cute backsplash on a white wall to create a beautiful visual impact. Even though blue is a cool colour, don’t hesitate to pair it with warm shades like wood with red undertones or even orange accessories.

Image Source

Recreate this look with Smart Tiles Metro Ezra

smart tiles metro ezra

Are you more attracted to dramatic décor and design? Go big! What’s stopping you from covering a larger area with blue tiles? The result will be elegant and chic.

blue tiles backsplashSmart Tiles Vintage Calvi


In interior design, red’s rich pigmentation is often used to create a warm and intimate ambience, because it can sometimes make a space feel more cozy. It’s the perfect colour choice to add a little excitement to a room without sacrificing that inviting feeling.

So which colours go well with with red? Turquoise, peach, navy blue, ochre yellow, grey, white.

Smart Tiles picks: Metro Vicky, Zellige Safi

red metro tiles in a bathroomImage source

Recreate this look with Metro Vicky

metro Vicky smart tiles

Red can look stunning in a bathroom! A backsplash using Metro Vicky covering half the wall adds warmth without being too overwhelming. Since the tile is varnished, feel free to play with contrasting yet complementary textures using raw materials such as stone and reclaimed wood. 


tuiles smart tiles Zellige safi

The Zellige Safi tile also complements stone and modern accessories like mirrors and lighting fixtures nicely.


Ah yellow! A truly energetic colour, it evokes a feeling of optimism and joy in any room. A great choice to brighten up your home.

Colours that compliment yellow: Blue white, pink, grey, green, and purple.

Smart Tiles pick: Metro Sunny

This bathroom is the perfect example of the energizing power of yellow! With an accent wall adorned with these tiles, your room will be lit up in no time! To add to the exciting vibe of the decor, don’t be afraid to play with colourful accessories.

While yellow is cheerful, it can also be refined when used correctly. A more neutral shade of yellow paired with rich complementary colours is all you need to recreate this kitchen.

Image source

Recreate this look with Smart Tiles Metro Sunny!

metro sunny


If you’re like the Smart Tiles team, you may not be able to pick your favourite colour. No problem! Why not use a multicolour approach in your decor? A multicoloured look can bring joy, whimsy and lightness to any room.

Smart Tiles picks: Vintage Almada, Vintage Cadiz, Vintage Velletri

Energize your bathroom with our Cadiz tiles! With hues of yellow, turquoise, grey, and white, this cheerful design will make you smile.

Smart Tiles Cadiz

But the multicoloured look isn’t just for bathrooms. You can use it in your kitchen too! The Almada which resembles ceramic paint, adds life to your look with its cheery mix of colours.

Smart Tiles Almada


With all of these ideas, there’s only one thing left to do…dare to use colour with Smart Tiles!



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