Smart Tiles are easy to install and are a quick peel and stick backsplash project for your kitchen or bathroom. But it’s important to understand the instructions and to follow them.


Skipping certain steps, like overlapping the peel and stick tile grout lines, may detract from the beauty of your peel and stick backsplash and you won’t be really happy with the result. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the installation.


Peel and Stick Smart Tiles Installation


To install your Smart Tiles, you have to peel and stick but you also have to follow our professional tips if you want to do a great job.


First, you have to clean your kitchen or bathroom wall and take measurements. Then, peel the protective sheet behind the tiles and stick it on the wall.


Each new peel and stick tile has to be overlapped on the one that you have just installed. Finally,  when you are done, install a finishing Smart Edge for a perfect finish.


How to Overlap Peel and Stick Smart Tiles?

Overlapping peel and stick Smart Tiles is an important step for a successful installation. This step, frequently overlooked, consists of sticking the tile grout lines on top of each other so that they overlap. Only a small part of the tile will stick on the other.


The first Smart Tiles will be completely stuck on the wall and the others will overlap on the previous ones. You should not stick the tiles side by side.


Our video illustrates how to overlap the grout lines:





Overlapping the peel and stick Smart Tiles grout lines is not complicated. You just need to remember to do it. Simply put the first grout line of the new tile over the last grout line of the tile in place. 


What Will Happen if I Don’t Overlap the Peel and Stick Smart Tiles?


Skipping the overlapping step won’t harm the adherence of the Smart Tiles, but it will break the flow and take away from the charm of your peel and stick backsplash.


When you overlap the Smart Tiles, the grout line is the same width everywhere. If the tiles are side by side, the grout line will be larger in some places giving your peel and stick backsplash a less realistic look.


Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes where overlapping was not done:





When Smart Tiles overlapping advice was followed:





For more information about installation and overlapping, visit our Installation page or contact us by mail or phone (1-877-784-2733).