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White on Your Walls = Full of Potential

Where does this Western society obsession for white paint come from? Representing renewal and purity, this soothing colour seems to inspire creativity. After all, when an apartment or a house is repainted for a new owner, do we not put white everywhere?


According to the tastes of the decorator, white can take on many different styles. For example, black and white often give a retro look to a room, just like pastel colours do.


Breath of Fresh Air


You would also like to adopt the elegance and freshness of white? For a modern and clean look, choose a plain adhesive tile, like our Subway, Hexago or Metro models. Easier to clean than a painted wall, our white tiles will perfectly complement marble and textured decors. Adored by bloggers, here are some of the results!

Source : Carnets de printemps

Source : Atelier de curiosité

Retro Party


As mentioned earlier, nothing gives an awesome retro look like the marriage of white and black. Here are our tiles, perfectly arranged in the cutest bathroom. Ready for a journey through time?

Source : Sophie Ferjani

White, More Colourful Than Ever!


Despite what one might think, white is far from boring! On the contrary, it allows to emphasize the accessories or touches of colour in a decor. Here are our favourite examples!

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest