Yes, ‘Tis the season. Prep work to receive your family for the holiday season is underway once again. Your ultimate goal: welcome them properly with a great  holiday feast... in a warm atmosphere. Here are the Top 4 best ideas for do-it-yourselfHolidaydécor.


Whether it's a candy Christmas tree, new magnets on the fridge, colored chairs or a new  centerpiece, add a dose of magic to your holiday décor for this magical season.


Candy Tree


The first decorating idea brings us closer to nature.


Find a small artificial all white tree or if you prefer a real tree, paint it white. Place it on a small coffee table.


Hook some sweet candies on each branch such as candy canes, caramels or even popcorn. Take any Halloween candy you have left and prepare a lovely garland.


Why don’t you add some homemade cookies in holiday cookie cutter shapes?


And before your visitors leave, maybe in the wee hours of the morning, strip the Christmas tree clean and enjoy!


Holiday Decor Christmas TreeSource


The Snowman Fridge


A refrigerator turned into a snowman is not new. All it takes are some well-aligned black magnet pieces to give it that look.


This year, surprise your family. Invite Yeti, the legendary abominable snowman, to live on your fridge for awhile.


Add some white pieces for his hair and some magnets for his eyes and nose. Don’t forget his teeth, sticking out of his mouth, giving him that aggressive look... even if we know he’s still nice.


Holiday Decor Snowman FridgeSource


Decorated Chairs


Normally, your guests will spend a good part of the evening sitting around the table, sharing family stories and discussing hot topics.


Are your chairs comfortable enough? Whatever the answer, make them beautiful and give a festive touch around the dining room table.


Place a nice Christmas towel on the back of each chair. Just add a ribbon with a loop in the center to complete.


You can also add a Christmas ball in the center of the loop to give it that finishing touch.


Holiday Decor Dining Table ChairSource


Table Centerpiece


How can we decorate the kitchen and dining room without mentioning the centerpiece? Impossible! After the Christmas tree, the centerpiece is the most common holiday décor idea.


Why not change things up a bit with a red-nosed reindeer centerpiece?


Take a clear glass cylinder vase and fill it with plastic or paper flakes to look like snow. In the center of it, add a red dot or a small Christmas ball as the nose.


Then, put two almost identical branches inside for the antlers.


Holiday Decor Dining Table CenterpieceSource


Bonus: Try a New Kitchen Backsplash


If your idea of holiday décor is limited to a Christmas tree and wreath but you still want to “wow” your visitors, why don’t you try a new kitchen backsplash?


Don’t think that this kitchen makeover will be messy or result in exorbitant costs or involve hours of planning.


Smart Tiles peel and stick tiles are easy to handle, cut and maintain. You can also install peel and stick tiles in a kitchen directly over existing tiles. Only clean, peel and stick.


Using self-adhesive tiles for a new backsplash will save you time and money and you will avoid quite a mess.


This is also the perfect solution for renters as you can easily remove the Smart Tiles without damaging the walls if you have to remove them at the end of your lease.


The unique gel gives them a 3 dimensional effect that will amaze your visitors. Guaranteed!


With that, happy decorating and happy holidays!