You’ve found your dream caravan or the perfect little cabin in the mountains, but it needs some love and renovations? Even if the warm weather doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight, that doesn’t mean we can’t still think about travel, the sun and our future adventures, or even the sweetness of total relaxation that awaits us on the lake’s shores.


Contrary to what their size suggests, renovating a small kitchen and a bathroom can become a budget challenge. Give them personality with touches of decoration to give them a homey feel that will make them unique.


With our Smart Tiles, you have all the tools you need to make such a transformation! Flexible and easy to install, they don’t add weight to your new wheeled home, and are also light on your vacay’s budget.




To lighten the kitchen, choose white tiles. Our classic metro tiles will open up the space, and you’ll have your perfect farmhouse on wheels.


 Source : Pinterest


Source : Pinterest

You want to do it yourself? Try with the Metro Blanco.

Smart Tiles - Metro Blanco




If you prefer vintage, our Girona Blue or Fiori Grigio models are for you! Our adhesive Smart Tiles Vintage are unique and perfect for giving cocooning vibes.


 Source : Pinterest

You want to do it yourself? Try with the Vintage Girona Blue or Vintage Fiori Grigio.

Smart Tiles Vintage Girona Blue

Smart Tiles Vintage Fiori Grigio



Unusual for wheeled recreational vehicles, wooden backsplashes are nevertheless gaining popularity! Our XL Norway tiles will seduce the most skeptical. You will have a natural wood effect in addition to enjoying easy installation and cleaning steps. To cut your tiles, the only thing you’ll need is your exacto.


You’ll have an effect like this in just a few hours, and a dream kitchen for your vehicle ready to conquer the continent.


 Source : Pinterest

You want to do it yourself? Try with the Norways: OakGray Maple and Bleached Wood.

 Smart Tiles Norway chêne

Smart Tiles Norway érable gris

Smart Tiles Norway bois blanchi

Did you know:


Smart Tile tiles do great with heat and humidity, but they also have another advantage. When storing your RV or closing your cabin for the winter, they will withstand periods of intense cold without peeling off.