At Smart Tiles, we love people who talk about us and our products. We particularly like these people who manage to showcase their cozy little nests and change their environment in the blink of an eye. Meet some of them!


Isabelle Larue

Isabelle has made several projects using our Smart Tiles. Ingenious and creative, she has built complete environments with small budgets by adding Smart Tiles to her list of things that give a punch to her kitchen and small bathroom.


You want to do it yourself? Try with the Capri Pera.

Smart Tiles - Capri Pera

You want to do it yourself? Try with the Vintage Azur.

Smart Tiles - Vintage Azur


Cheryl Torrenueva

Cheryl is the kind of person who surprised her parents by redecorating their kitchen with Smart Tiles… A touching gesture that has become a great success! See for yourself! Here is the link below:



Alexandra Gater

Young and fun, Alexandra always works with very small budgets. She has transformed the bathroom of her rental apartment to make it cute and inviting.



On the French Side With Claire

Claire made a whole change in her kitchen! She always shows us the before/after of her quite successful and quite bluffing transformations.


Smart Tiles - Projet par Claire

You want to do it yourself? Try with the Minimo Noche.

Smart Tiles - Minimo Noche

Sarah Mackleman

On our southern neighbour’s side, Sarah has adapted her little kitchen area with Smart Tiles in no time!


You want to do it yourself? Try with the Métro Grigio.

Smart Tiles - Metro Grigio

Jacqueline and Josh LaDue

This young family has renovated their RV to give it a second life! Very instagramable, this vehicle is now an adorable little house for three.


Smart Tiles - Projet des LaDue

You want to do it yourself? Try with the Métro Campagnola.

Smart Tiles - Metro Campagnola

Go on! Transform your RV or home and create a new world around you. Let the adventure begin!