Smart Tiles - Ravenna Farro


Here it is! Our long awaited 2018 collection has arrived just in time to celebrate the New Year!


Our team of experts has tirelessly tracked down the next trends so your houses can look fabulous. Inspired by international influences and the result of a pairing of stones and colours, our tiles have Maghrebian, Portuguese and Italian flavours. From the world to your home, our Smart Tiles adhesive tiles allow your favourite rooms to reinvent themselves elegantly at a low price.


A favourite of any handyman on a budget, Smart Tiles has accompanied you in your renovation projects for more than 15 years and this new collection will not fail you!


What surprises does 2018 have in store for you?


A History of Material


Smart Tiles - Bellagio Nola



Smart Tiles - Bellagio Nola



Don’t be surprised to find noble stones in this new year’s collection.


These timeless materials have taken over kitchens and bathrooms, to the delight of pursuers of elegance. For the next twelve months, we focus on the modernity and softness of stones, such as white marble, carrera, granite, and travertine. From contemporary to chic, your kitchen backsplash, bathroom, fireplace, or even your DIY project can benefit from it, because what’s not to love about stones?


Elegant Colours


Cold and saturated, these are the keywords for 2018. For walls and material colours, we find a lot of gray, beige, blue, and, of course, white!


Smart Tiles - Metro Campagnola


Smart Tiles - Metro Campagnola



Two Novelties from the Smart Tiles Family



A perfect arrangement of small stones of natural colours, inlaid with cubes.


Pretty, sober and modern, this model stands out naturally with woods and clear or dark counters.


Smart Tiles - Crescendo Terra Smart Tiles - Crescendo Ciotta


Smart Tiles - Crescendo Ciotta




Beautiful stones which intertwine like the components of an elegant jewel to give the illusion of stone slats, quite a desired effect. This clever assemblage highlights the marbled surfaces and the warm and golden colours of agate stones.


Smart Tiles - Ravenna Roma Smart Tiles - Ravenna Terra
Smart Tiles - Ravenna Armano Smart Tiles - Ravenna Farro


Smart Tiles - Ravenna Terra


The classics



A more traditional tile that will nonetheless surprise you this year with its new touches of blue. These soft blues mixed with beige, denim blue, and sea blue will give your kitchen or bathroom a little trendy marine look!


Smart Tiles - Bellagio Alario Smart Tiles - Bellagio Nola
Smart Tiles - Bellagio Costa


Smart Tiles - Bellagio Alario




Another new model because, well, we are at your service! These tiles with large slats of stone are as luxurious and sober as the previous ones, and for this new year, we feature marble through the new Massa model.


Smart Tiles - Milano Massa


Smart Tiles - Milano Massa




The favourites of the Smart Tiles family, Metro is for lovers of modern and industrial decor, the Cassandra displays its soft neutral gray, while for millennials in search of some fresh air, the Champagnola offers this little "contemporary farm" style.


Smart Tiles - Metro Gallino Smart Tiles - Metro Cassandra


Smart Tiles - Metro Cassandra




Another big favourite is the Vintage collection. Inspired by cement tiles, this model is essential for a chic look quite unique to Europe!


Smart Tiles - Vintage Azur