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Here we are! The holiday season is now over, guests have finally returned to their own homes, and you can now finally sip your coffee in peace, looking at the emptiness left by your Christmas tree! True happiness—well, except for all the household chores remaining, including the monstrous stack of dirty laundry. Let’s be honest, who wants to wash clothes in a depressing laundry room that’s sooo 2017?


Not Smart Tiles!


Give yourself a chance to redecorate this room that you cannot stand to see anymore. Enjoy our new 2018 collection of self-adhesive tiles and our more than charming models. For this new year, which is just beginning, we are quite captivated by light colours such as white and beige, as well as strong contrasts!


Please note that following the makeover of your laundry room, you will have no more excuses to save you from your weekly chores. Oops!


A Place for Doggie


Smart Tiles - Metro Cassandra


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Your family has a hairy and affectionate member? Make him a little place without disfiguring your home! Your dog will even keep you company when you fold the laundry.


Campagnola Back for 2018


Smart Tiles - Metro Campagnola


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At Smart Tiles, we don’t try to hide our love for Metro Campagnola and its versatility. In the laundry room as well as in your kitchen, you can enjoy its modern and sleek look.


A Little Heat for January


Smart Tiles - Bellagio Nola Smart Tiles - Capri Addario


Smart Tiles - Capri Addario


Warm up this cold room thanks to the warm coppery tones of our Nola model or give it a more chic look with the Adario and its beige hues.