Smart Tiles finally reveals its true colours! Compelling, rich and lively, the company unveils its first exclusive model of tiles.


Smart Tiles, always a few steps ahead, is the only self-adhesive tile company who dares and has fun with its whole new line of funky and trendy tiles.



Smart Tiles - Metro Ava



Constantly listening to their customers, the enterprise wants to offer them surprising and trendy products on a regular basis and appeal to the most sophisticated decorators.


As a subscriber to our newsletter, you will be informed of our new tile releases as a VIP member, that is to say before everyone else. These LIMITED EDITIONS are produced in small batches only, without any subsequent production possible. You won’t want to miss out!



Smart Tiles - Metro Ava



Just in time for Valentine’s Day, feast your eyes on our vintage and exquisitely colourful Pink Millennium tile. Our new model is specially designed to be part of our EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION, whose goal is to get you out of your comfort zone and satisfy the most creative side of you.


We just cannot get tired of this sweet and delicate pink.


Dressed Up in Pink


Lovable with its spark of bohemian vibe and a touch of Mad Men-like retro-chic, you will see this colour on walls and accessories. After all, why change a winning formula? Climb aboard the pink train and dare to redecorate your kitchen with the trendiest tile of the hour! Easy to install, the tiles are also easy to remove.


If you feel like changing it up in two years, you will have no problem taking them off using a dryer, all without damaging your



Smart Tiles - Pretty in Pink