Here’s one situation most people can relate to: moving into your dream house or apartment, and being stuck with the outdated bathroom that unfortunately comes with it. You know, the one with the ugly pink vintage tiles? Yes, it totally ruined our Pinterest board too!


Photo avant-après salle de bain Smart Tiles


Costly renovations ensue, even when they’re not always worth it especially when you know your new nest is only temporary. Thankfully, our peel and stick tiles collection was designed to be your new decoration best friend. With their amazing finishes, our models you’ll be able to put together an elegant decor that blows away your friends and family!


No time to get your hands dirty? With only a box cutter in hand, you can finish your bathroom in less than 3 hours, no mess whatsoever.

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Trade your bathroom for a younger one


Seems familiar? You’re not the only one who thinks so! Here’s some inspiration for your next decorating project.


Smart Tiles Subway White dans la salle de bain


 Smart Tiles Cortina Grigio pour la salle de bain


Smart Tiles Minimo Cantera pour la salle de bain


2017 bathroom trends


It may come as a surprise, but bathrooms are rarely forgotten when it’s time to freshen up your home decor. In 2017, say goodbye to the reign of white bathtubs and showers, and hello to pops of colour in unexpected places (yes, we’re talking about you, faucet!). Spring is definitely in the air.


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Valentine's Day inspired décor?


The day of love is already knocking at our doors. Here are some ways to soak up some of those Valentine’s Day vibes in your bath. The key? Accessories!


Never enough flowers:

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A touch of red in the name of romanticism:

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Candles to set the mood:

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