The Smart Tiles, a revolutionary and unique product for your backsplash, especially designed for kitchen and bathroom. We share some images of what it will look like once on your walls…


What’s So Different with Smart Tiles Peel and Stick Backsplash?


The self-adhesive peel and stick concept of Smart Tiles is made of an adhesive substrate topped with a gel component called Gel-O which gives it its 3-dimensional effect).


  • Guaranteed to stick to your walls
  • No grout, no glue, no special tools and no mess
  • Install directly over existing tiles or smooth surface
  • Do it yourself and save between 31% and 64%


A Smart and Guaranteed Self-Adhesive Backsplash


Quality is the assurance of your investment. Beware of poor quality copies made in China. Here are the Smart Tiles differentiators:


  • Do not add any additional glue or sealant
  • Our Smart Adhesive allows for repositioning during the installation
  • After applying pressure on the tiles, Smart Tiles will be positioned permanently
  • The adhesive is completely welded to the surface after 48 hours


If buying in stores, on the packaging, look for:


  • The Smart Tiles Logo
  • The “Made In North America” label
  • The “Original” label