It’s hard not to love this month, with its (normally!) mild weather, its days spent dreaming of warmth and spring, and people talking about cleaning and refreshing the house. Most of us want a breath of fresh air, and decoration is a nice way to bring some changes around us. If intense shades are often chosen according to their vibrancy and “joie de vivre”, many prefer neutrality and timelessness. And guess what? Beige is coming back in style for 2017. Often seen as boring and bland, beige is now making us fall in love with it in all its shades and hues.


Cream, taupe, bright or dark, beiges are now on walls, furniture, and even in your kitchen. Including beige in your home without trying too hard is way easier than it seems. Polyvalent, beiges can be mixed and matched with almost every style, bringing a touch of elegance when nicely arranged. Sceptic? Let us show you step by step how to become a Beigeliever.


Furniture is everyting

Beige furniture knows how to create balance in a room. Cream shades, grey tones and earthy beiges are just perfect for each other! It will illuminate the room and soften it.



Beige, cream, a perfect décor balance



Always count on beige fabrics to illuminate a decor and create a contrast with dark colours!


Beige fabrics to illuminate a décor


Beige everywhere for a sophisticated touch.


Beige is a sophisticated touch


Beige from every angle


From the kitchen to the bathroom, find your perfect beige.


The Milano Avorio model, brighter, brings a touch of rural chic. Superb when matched with pale wood!


Smart Tiles Milano Avorio


For a more contemporary look, our Cortina Avena tile steals the show with its chevron angles and its clever mixture of beige.


Smart Tiles Cortina Aveno


Warm touch with Bellagio Sabbia below.


Smart Tiles Bellagio Sabbia


For a more modern effect, don’t hesitate to choose beiges that are closer to grey with Capri Taupe.


Smart Tiles Capri Taupe


Find out more trendy models