No mess, no glue, no grout, Smart TilesFor most people who like to undertake DIY renovations during the weekend, there are several hurdles to overcome... only two days to complete everything is often not enough! Among other things, the preparation time required before starting your project may be enough to make you change your mind.


Fortunately, by simply imagining the pride and satisfaction felt once you're done painting a room for example will make you smile. These beautiful thoughts are just enough to send you to the store to buy the necessary equipment.


Reality catches you up again when you want to give a professional touch to your project. The long and often messy preparation turns you off.


New Backsplash Tiles in the Kitchen


Your kitchen backsplash is a perfect example. Before you even consider installing the new wall tiles, you must get rid of old ones. You will be forced to tear and to cope with the mess and the mountain of dust that will cause.


Once the old tiles are chipped away, there is a wall full of glue. A horrible job in perspective, but necessary since the surface must be smooth to receive the new tiles. In some places, sadness, pieces of gypsum will come off with glue. Yes, you will need to patch up more!


See all this preparation? Not surprising that changing your kitchen backsplash has been on your wish list for so long.


A Self-Adhesive Backsplash, Install Over Existing Tiles


Imagine an innovative product that allows you to get over this preparation stage. No disassembly, no dirt and no hole to fill. Think of decorative tiles that are installed directly on your old wall tiling. Is this possible?


This is the proposal of self-adhesive Smart Tiles. You can install peel and stick tiles in a kitchen directly over existing tiles. The only preparation time required is to clean the surface with a degreaser.


You will not need specialized tools either. All you have to do is cut the tile, using an utility knife according to the appropriate size, peel and stick.


self-adhesive wall tiles, no glue


That is Smart! A new wall tiles for your kitchen in no time... and preparation minimized.


Total operation length: a few hours. Yes, you still have another full day off before returning to work.


Take a look at our peel and stick wall tiles store and plan renovations without the mess today!