Where do you spend most of your time at home? Kitchen and bathroom, maybe? Indeed! That’s why they are also the most often renovated or at top priority for a deco makeover. Without further ado, here is our advice for a quickly, healthily and within budget project!


As we said, the kitchen and bathroom are two really busy rooms all day so breakage, damage, dust and humidity are working more quickly than anywhere else in the house.


The wall tiles installed at the time to protect from splashes get older and become less efficient. The floor tiles can also crack in some places and the paint can lose its original luster.


As an express deco makeover, we suggest that you change only the backsplash in one of these rooms... Because we do not have the time to change the entire floor or to put fresh paint.


As this decorating project should be done quickly, there is no question of removing the old wall tiles. There are two obvious reasons for leaving them there:

1 - The dust created by the grout is extremely toxic and harmful;

2 - The solution we propose can be applied directly over the existing wall tiles.


Deco Makeover wall tiles Smart Tiles


When using Smart Tiles, you avoid the demolition, cleaning, cutting with specialized tools and grout redo steps. Nix the prep work!


A deco makeover project should be something fun, isn’t it?


With Smart Tiles, you can change the backsplash of your kitchen or your bathroom in no time, on any smooth and dry surface!


Smart Tiles are self-adhesive and do not need tools or special preparation for installation. You just have to cut to the size you want, peel and stick.


Beware! It is possible that the most difficult stage of the project is selecting the perfect model for your room. Smart Tiles are available in a variety of styles and colors. Find the one that will best fit in with your decor in our online shop!


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