To increase the market value of your home, you have some work to do! This spring season is ideal to do so and it is quite normal to find renovation or room makeover at the top of your priorities. We have four tips for you so you can perform quality work. Let’s talk about budget, paint, Smart Tiles peel and stick backsplash and appliances.


Kitchen backsplash

Kitchen and bathroom


Renovating your kitchen or your bathroom remains the most popular project to increase the value of your home. Since these are the two most popular rooms, breakage, dust and humidity damages are faster than anywhere else in the house. Do you agree?


It is also the most effective way to attract the attention of a potential buyer since it is also in these two pieces they’ll spend most of their time once moved!





These renovations can be very costly and exhausting. If you think of a complete renovation project, make your budget and list all the items to update or change. Start your research and note the prices and the quality of available products.


After this, you will be guaranteed to never exceed the previously set budget. For tight budgets, do not forget that there are alternatives to most products.


If you need to hire a contractor for some work, ask several bids and do not hesitate to check their references.



The Right Color


You will be amazed at how a simple coat of paint can drastically change the look of a room. However, do not forget that you want to seduce a maximum of potential future buyers!


In this case, avoid bright colors. Opt for neutral colors. Actually, you should opt for a single neutral color for the entire house. Thus, it will looks larger because the visitor will not notice transition between rooms.


 Bathroom makeover


Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash


If there is a place where the paint is not recommended, it is on your backsplash just because you need to protect your wall.


The most interesting option remains self-adhesive Smart Tiles due to its flexibility, ease of installation and low cost.


Thanks to the technology used, the translucent gel is resistant to stains and cooking splashes. The same gel gives a 3D effect and relief that faithfully reproduces the effect of the glass tiles. The adhesive is resistant to heat as well as to humidity.


Among the many styles available, you will find the model and color that will match your previous neutral color choice. Thus, you can maintain this grandness appearance while adding a brilliant and unique tiles.



Update Your Appliances


Buying new appliances in the kitchen is a great way to beautify the look of your kitchen. Especially when everything fits perfectly with new paint and new backsplash.


This addition will not automatically reflect on the selling price but visitors will have a positive first impression of your home when they look at your remodeled kitchen.


In addition, you can keep the packaging of new appliances and use them when you move.


Remember, a well thought out project makeover begins with setting a clear budget. You must then choose a neutral color to be applied throughout the house, from the painting to your wall tiles in the kitchen. Finally, buy new appliances to hit the eye of visitors and encourage them to make a very generous offer!