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Easy and Economical Kitchen Remodeling: Paint and Peel and Stick Smart Tiles

Decorating trends change quickly so it is normal that every now and then we think about renovating. After a few years with the same interior design, we need a change. But remodeling the kitchen is always postponed. Why? Simply because a new kitchen is so expensive!


But did you know that small touch-ups can completely change the look of a room? Here are 5 economical ideas to help you revamp your kitchen decor.


1. Repaint the Walls

Sometimes, recoating is enough to revamp the decor. Repainting the walls with a trendy color will modernize the room.


Let’s have fun and make your new kitchen more dynamic by choosing vibrant colors or specialized paint. Indeed, there are different types of paint, including:


  • Chalkboard paint, which you can write and draw on with chalk.
  • Magnetic paint which allows you to stick your memos, photos and lists on your walls using magnets.
  • Texture paint, with, for example, a concrete texture finish, which will accentuate the room.

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Chalkboard Paint


2. Repaint the Floor Tiles


Painting the tiles is a great way to enhance the look of the floor. In addition, a painted floor has several benefits, including:


  • better floor protection,
  • easier maintenance,
  • durable finish, if you choose the right kind of paint.


Choose one color and paint all your tiles the same color. Or, choose more than one to create a mosaic that suits you.


However, not all floor types can be painted. Check with your local retailer for the best option for you.

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Floor Tiles


3. Changing the Kitchen Backsplash for a Peel and Stick Smart Tiles Backsplash


The backsplash is one of the kitchen’s larger features and changing it can be complex and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. This step can be quick and easy: just use peel and stick Smart Tiles. They stick directly on any clean and smooth surface.


Then, if you decide that you would like to change your backsplash again, Smart Tiles can be easily removed. To do this, simply heat them with a blow dryer. This will soften the adhesive and then you can peel off the tiles.


But don’t worry! Smart Tiles will stay in place as long as you want and that's guaranteed!


Also, why don't you just add a new touch to your kitchen island with peel and stick tiles?

Peel and Stick Kitchen Backsplash Smart Tiles Norway Oak


4. Repaint the Cabinets and Furniture


As for the walls and tiles, painting your cabinets and furniture is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen decor. For the floor, you can select a uniform look or vary the colors to create space divisions. Don’t forget to strip the cabinets and furniture before painting them. This way, the paint will adhere better.


In addition to changing the color of your cabinets and furniture to refresh your kitchen, you can also:


  • Replace the cabinet and drawer handles.
  • Replace the furniture legs.


To do this, go to the nearest hardware store where you will find a wide selection of handles and legs for your cabinets and furniture.

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Cabinet Painting Makeover


5. Repaint the Fridge


If you have an old, yellowed fridge, liven it up  with paint. There are two choices available to paint your appliances:


  • A bright color to make it unique,
  • A metallic color to give it a stainless steel look (that is sure to fool your guests).


Choose the style that you think will best fit your decor. Be creative and feel free to try different designs.


To repaint your fridge, it is better to choose a spray paint specifically designed for appliances.  

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Fridge Painting Makeover Budget Kitchen Remodeling Fridge Painting Makeover
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These are our 5 easy ideas to revamp the kitchen. What are your plans for your own kitchen?

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