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Why Peel and Stick Wall Tiles are the Best Option When You are Renting?

You like your apartment because it is located in a quiet area, close to your office and all services. You decorated it with your favorite colors and accessories. However, the kitchen backsplash still bothers you. Are you reluctant to change it just because you live in a rental?


Don’t hesitate another second! Smart Tiles peel and stick wall tiles are ideal if you’re renting. Peel and stick backsplash tiles are easy to install on any clean and smooth surface, like ceramic tiles or glass tiles backsplash, and can be removed at the end of your lease with little to no damage to the wall.


Remove Your Peel and Stick Wall Tiles Without a Trace


The peel and stick Smart Tiles will finally replace the ugly kitchen backsplash that you can’t look at anymore; even if you are not supposed to install anything permanently.


When you leave your apartment, two scenarios are possible:


  1. The Owner will love your new kitchen backsplash and will refund your purchase.
  2. The Owner will love your new kitchen backsplash but will ask you to remove it to leave the apartment in its original condition.


If the second scenario prevails, plan an hour or two before you go to remove the peel and stick tiles.


Follow these simple steps to remove the tiles:


  • Take a blow dryer and warm up each peel and stick tile directly.
  • Warm up long enough to soften the peel and stick tile adhesive.
  • Pull softly starting with the corners.
  • Warm up longer if the tile resists.


The last step is to use a degreaser to wash the wall and remove the excess glue left by the peel and stick tiles.


Backsplash Tiles Are Heat Resistant


There is a huge difference between heat resistance and warming up to soften the peel and stick wall tiles for removal. Smart Tiles will sustain the heat produced by stoves without any problem. This will not make the peel and stick tiles fall off.


You have to warm up the tiles, directly and long enough, to soften the adhesive and make them easier to peel off.


If you don’t warm up the peel and stick tiles, they will be harder to peel off and may damage the wall.


Smart Tiles are also resistant to the humidity of bathrooms.


Installing a Peel and Stick Kitchen Backsplash is Now a Breeze


Smart Tiles are do-it-yourself (DIY), so anyone can easily install them. No need to buy special tools or to pay a professional tiling contractor.


With peel and stick wall tiles, the only tool you need is a cutter.


Quick and easy, you can install Smart Tiles directly over existing tiles, as long as the surface and grout lines are clean and smooth.


The Smart Adhesive allows you to reposition each tile along the way to make sure you have a more than perfect, continuous and even layout.


Once you are satisfied with its placement and alignment, apply firm pressure on it. The adhesive will then start bonding to the surface.


Unique Peel and Stick Wall Tiles


Here is what makes Smart Tiles unique and revolutionary in the interior decorating world:


  • Just peel and stick.
  • Install directly over existing tiles.
  • Gel-O ™ component gives 3-dimensional effect.
  • Remove them easily without damaging the wall.