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What Is Mix and Match Interior Design?

The world of design is continuously changing; new trends and new styles appear frequently. We must learn to adapt quickly if we want to remain “in style”.


Recently, a new style became popular and the number of followers is on the rise. This style is mix and match, the beauty of mixing.

Trend: Mix And Match

What is Mix and Match?

This trend in both clothing and interior design is popular with bold and creative people. Mix and match is the art of mixing with beauty; creating one’s own style, one’s own personality.


Mix and match interior design is a clever combination of materials, patterns and colors; you can even combine different decorating styles. A good mix and matcher is not afraid of assembling contrasting pieces.


Generally, for mix and match interior design, the emphasis is on the accessories so it is recommended to  have neutral walls (very pale colors, even white).


But it is not impossible to coordinate your walls with your mix and match. To do this, choose large and colorful wall elements and arrange them randomly, but with care.

Mix and match wallpaper   mix and match light colored walls
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The Rules of Mix and Match Decor

The mix and match trend must follow certain rules to achieve a successful design.


The first rule for mix and match decoration is moderationAvoid overloading. If you put too many items, you may stun your visitors. But on the other hand, if your decoration is too modest, your mix and match effort may go unnoticed.


The second, and last, rule is to choose a theme to create an overall effect.


For example, select different colors that fit well together and play with the designs. Or repeat the same object, but vary the colors or styles. The ideal is to take your favorite tissue, design or accessory and build your interior decoration around it.

mix and match different tissue         mix and match same colors
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Mix and Match in the Kitchen

Mix and match can be applied to all your rooms. In the kitchen, there are several options available to you. Here are some that will make your interior warm and inviting:


  • Mix the reliefs and materials on your cabinet doors.
  • Expose your dishes if they include an assortment of elements (colors, patterns, etc.).
  • Also, in the dining room, the new trend is to mix and match chairs or chair colors.

 mix and match kitchen cabinet            mix and match kitchen


 mix and match the chairs

You can also add a subtle mix and match to your kitchen by changing your peel and stick backsplash. This will be subtle, but tasteful. Choose different models of peel and stick Smart Tiles and match them creatively; the options are almost endless.