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Smart Tiles: Mix and match any way you like!

Smart Tiles are easy to install and super convenient. Always keeping in the know about the latest decor trends, we are offer a variety of tiles in many trendy and traditional styles and fun colours to fulfil your design dreams. There’s a style for everyone! All you need to make your decor dream a reality is a little imagination and a few hours of free time. Smart Tiles has everything you need to help you create a beautifully extraordinary DIY masterpiece.

1. Get creative with your space by mixing patterned tiles and coloured ones.

There’s nothing like a little colour to spice up your space. Whether you’re looking to pack a punch with your cabinets, or subtly accent your kitchen hood, use coloured tiles to make the space come alive. To recreate a similar look, choose a patterned tile to highlight your space, then use a tile with the same format but in a solid colour to complete your design. The effect will be most charming!

Smart Tiles peel and stick blue tile in bathroom

Metro Medina and Vintage Marino

2. Mix tile shapes

Rather than only mixing colours, you can also mix and match the shapes of your tiles. Since Smart Tiles are easy to cut with scissors or an Exacto knife, you can let your creativity run wild! For example, a mural of different shapes, sizes and colours could be a fun idea. Why not?

Smart Tiles peel and stick black and grey tile in kitchen

Blok Grey and Hexa Walton

3. Half & half

Here’s a little design secret – make a small room seem larger by painting the top half of your wall with a pale colour and the bottom half with a darker colour. And this trick isn’t just limited to painting! You can also get the same “magnifying” effect using tiles in the same style but in two different colours, which will allow you to play with light and shadow effects in a bathroom, for example.

Smart Tiles peel and stick blue and white tile in bathroom

Oslo White and Metro Ezra

4. A small contrasting band

The rustic style that has been popular for the last few years is refreshed with a hint of nostalgia as the latest trend we’re showcasing! Why not add a thin strip of coloured tiles to create a pleasing contrast in a kitchen backsplash? The effect is uniquely retro and colourful!

Smart Tiles peel and stick blue tile in kitchen

Morocco Essaouira and Zellige Costa

5. A coordinated duo

Are you unsure of which Smart Tiles styles to choose? We got you! You don’t have to stick with one style – you can mix and match your tiles to create the most charming and unique look. Apply each of the Smart Tiles styles on two different walls, and there you go! For best results, remember to select two tiles that coordinate well together that are either in the same colour family or have a similar finish.

Smart Tiles peel and stick black and white tile in kitchen

Zellige Oia and Vintage Roma

We’ll say it again – Smart Tiles are designed to enhance your creativity and inspire your imagination! Don’t be afraid to try new tile combinations, since you never know what new decor style you just might discover! Get started today!