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Redecorate your house for fall with Smart Tiles!

While enchanting us with its sublime colours, fall introduces back to school and usually, a return to a more structured work routine for some. It’s no surprise then that the desire to reorganize and redecorate your home for the upcoming comfy and cozy season is strong! Here are some decorating tips to help you get your home organized so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice pumpkin spice latte!

1. Update your entrance closet

Closet transformation smart tiles background

Vintage Velletri

The entrance is often the first place in the house to become messy, with the coats stacked on top of each other, hats and mitts hidden under clothes and endless shoes that seem to add to the chaos. Don’t worry! We got you. Why not turn your entrance closet into a storage space that makes you feel happy instead of annoyed? Paint it a pretty, bright colour, install your favorite Smart Tiles pattern in the background to finish the look, then add baskets and hooks which will keep everything neat and organized. That’s it! You’ll have the most stylish closet and, above all, the most practical for managing autumn and winter accessories.

2. Create a hook feature wall

Smart tiles Brik Toscana wall hook

Brik Toscana

Unfortunately, not all houses can accommodate a wardrobe in the entrance to keep items organized. If space is lacking for such a piece of furniture, why not use your wall as creative way to increase your storage space? Start by adding a little interest to your space with our Brik tiles. These XL faux brick tiles will completely transform your space quickly and easily and will provide big impact. Then, simply add hooks at different heights on the wall to hang coats and other accessories. Make it a fun family project by getting the kids involved with placing lower hooks where they’ll be able to reach them.

3. Reinvent your wardrobe

smart tiles wardrobe

Metro Ava

Are you tired of seeing a messy, boring closet in your home season after season? Why not try something different this fall, and redo your closet completely! To ensure you stay neat and organized, turn your closet into a work of art by removing the doors and decorating the back interior of the closet with the Smart tiles pattern that bring you the most joy! Then, neatly fold and hang all your clothes. Why not add a mirror to the back too? We think with this little upgrade that even Marie Kondo would be so proud!

4. Embellish the inside of your drawers

bottom drawers smart tiles vintage Vinci

Vintage Vinci

Just like with a closet, the bottom of your drawer interior can also be decorated! Why not line the bottom with a Vintage tile, then add see-through storage containers to easily organize your items? No more boring drawers! Now, every time you open your drawers, you’ll get a peek at the beautiful Vintage Smart Tile, which will undoubtedly make you smile! Pinterest isn’t only to show off your shelves anymore!

5. Make your workspace interesting!

workspace backsplash

Norway Alta

With working from home so popular now, many of us have had to get creative with carving out an unplanned home office space. If your furniture is facing a wall, maximize this layout to create an atmosphere that evokes concentration and focus or even calm and relaxation. Why not decorate your work area wall behind your desk with Smart Tiles? There are many styles to choose from whether you prefer a little colour to brighten up your day or something more soothing that blends into your room decor.

As you can see, there are so many DIY projects that you can do with Smart Tiles this fall. Let your creativity run wild! Happy sweater weather and pumpkin spice latte season from Smart Tiles.

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