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Penny tiles in your bathroom

Nothing says art deco and urban charm like the Penny tile. Rich in history, this particular tile celebrated its 100th birthday not so long ago. Usually made from porcelain or ceramic, and often used as flooring, it gained its popularity from its lovely curves and sophisticated look. Now making a comeback by embellishing walls instead of floors, the Penny tile adds a touch of luxury wherever installed. Sometimes plain, sometimes colourful, this popular model is also very practical in smaller bathrooms as it creates the illusion of space. Take a look at our Penny backsplashes and get inspired for your next renovations!

Smart Tiles Penny RocciaRoccia

Looking for a modern take on the Penny? Our Roccia might be the one for you. With its contemporary shades of grey and white, it goes well with luxurious textures like marble and darker metals. When paired with neutral tones, this self-adhesive backsplash adds a sense of serenity and refinement.

Smart Tiles Penny Davy


It’s no secret: blue is the new black. Undeniably trendy, our Davy’s rich sapphire shade definitely makes us want to revamp our bathroom! Regardless of your design preferences, the Davy fits the bill. Combine it with materials like dark wood and country accessories (a bouquet of dried flowers for example), the Davy becomes rustic. But add touches of bright colours, like mustard yellow or peach pink, and you get a distinctly modern effect.

Smart Tiles Penny Nora


The Nora tile is a celebration of retro and vintage. We love this sophisticated, refined model that will make you feel like taking out the fine china. Pair it with sandstone, or any other raw material, and the Nora reaches its full potential, calling to mind American industrial chic. And its ultimate advantage is that this Smart Tiles product is maintenance free and cleans up in a jiffy.

Smart Tiles Penny Sergio


Why change a classic when it works so well? Our Romy tile is definitely a timeless choice that will win over traditionalists. For a modern look, go for dark faucets and a mirror that echoes the tile’s shape. Add a mix of textures and you’ll have a bathroom that never goes out of style. After all, good taste is always trending.

Smart Tiles Sergio Penny


The Sergio calls to mind the mid-century period, especially when combined with touches of gold and clean-lined cabinets and mirrors. Almost translucid, this model is a lovely fit for white or cream spaces. If minimalism is what speaks to you, look no further!

Smart Tiles Penny Terra


Modern to the core, our Terra model combines the classic vibe of the Penny tile with more contemporary colours. Playing with shades of white and sand, it gives the bathroom a pared-down look that seems to make the room bigger. If you’re looking to create a farmhouse style, let Terra show you the way. Just add a rectangular mirror with rounded corners as the finishing touch to bring the look together.

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    Peel and Stick backsplash blue tile Penny Davy Smart Tiles for kitchen, rv, bathroom and fireplace.
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