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Entertain your friends in style with a minibar makeover!

Yes! Dinners with loved ones are finally back! And November is the perfect month to gather around a beautiful table filled with homemade dishes. While entertaining at home is fun, you might feel some pressure to showcase a flawless kitchen. But don’t worry, there’s no need to go all-in with an expensive and complicated makeover. Sometimes, the perfect addition, regardless of its size, can make all the difference. So dust off your minibar and get ready: it’s time to make your friends feel like royalty!

It’s All About Drama

Dark hues are not only chic, they also create a certain flair. For a minibar with a personality, choose a black tile for the backdrop and highlight it with a smattering of metal colours and accessories. If you’re all about the drama, think about adding lighting to illuminate the back of your shelves. We promise this kitchen space will not go unnoticed!

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Recreate this look with our Penny Nora tile

penny tile Nora


Timeless Classic

Drama isn’t always necessary to get that wow factor you’re looking for. Sometimes, a classic choice is all you need to attract attention. Celebrate timelessness with a tile that has both vintage charm and elegance! Don’t be afraid to take your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling for a more striking effect. Playing with colour contrasts is also a good way to showcase your minibar.

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Recreate this look with our Bartoli tile

bartoli smart tiles

Effortlessly Chic

Let’s face it, the most important aspect of a minibar is… the bottles! To display them in style, choose a classic, yet elegant tile that will set them off like works of art. Complete the look with rich, warm tones. Sometimes simplicity has the most impact!

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Recreate this look with our Campagnola tile

campagnola tile

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