About Us

Once upon a time, two women were having lunch and discussing a renovation project.

Creative and mostly self made, both enjoying going outside normal boundaries were discussing what to put on this new kitchen backsplash they were doing.

One thought “ceramic is sooo permanent, why isn’t there something that looks just like ceramic but that would be easy to install and easy to remove”???

That was the start of it all in 1999!

Today, we still thrive on making life easier!

While building this great company, we met lots of amazing people that helped us bring about what we all know today to be an awesome organization that employs more than 80 employees and shares it’s creations across the world to more than 100 countries.

Our mission is to bring Home Decor innovative Products that will make your life easier and more beautiful.

We believe your little nest should be comfortable, inspiring, peaceful and most of all, bring Love to all its inhabitants!

We hope you enjoy our products.


Smart Tiles Quinco & Co Elaine Paquin

Elaine Paquin