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5 Ways to Arrange Your Student Room

It’s time for back-to-school! Fall is near us which means students are moving into dorms and studios. If you’re a student and you have a small space or live in a studio, then you know that you must maximize the space as much as possible. This means thinking outside the box on how you can utilize the space you have.

Continue reading to find tips to help you out with arranging your student room or studio.

1. Office Space

To know where to match work and play, you should look into adding a decorative wall. The Norway Oak tile is the perfect option for this. This light wood color adds a touch of style that we traditionally associate with Norway. Plus, it’s a neutral color that will perfectly blend in with your furniture and the rest of your décor.

Office space Norway Oak peel and stick tiles

2. Open wardrobe

Open wardrobes are very trendy right now. These can be used as a fashion appearance but can be used as a separation between two spaces. There are a variety of open wardrobes for you to choose from and they’re all affordable as well. These can be great even if you don’t have enough storage from your last shopping cart. ;)

open wardrobeCredit

3. Add a mirror

Mirrors are the perfect decorative accents for any student room. They add more brightness to the room and give the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and could be very affordable. We suggest that you take a look at your nearest thrifting store.

Mirror bedroomCredit

4. Beautiful carpet

Rugs can make a massive impact on any space. They have the power to bring texture to a space effortlessly. There are plenty of rubs and fun designs that you can choose from. Our favorite: the Matteo vinyl floor mat from the Högar Studio brand.

Vinyl Floor Mat Bedroom

5. Create a book zone

What’s a student room without some books? Whether you need a designated area for your textbooks or just some of your favorite reads, having a zone dedicated to your books is suggested. No place to put a bookcase? You can try installing some floating shelves on the wall. You can also add some notebooks and candles for aesthetics.

Book zone bedroomCredit

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