Whether you spend Valentine’s evening with your love, your family or your friends, it's always nice to show your affection to the people around you.


Here are 5 easy DIY decorating ideas that will help you get into the Valentine’s mood and add a touch of romance to your home.


1.      A String Heart


Valentine's Day Creative Craft


A string heart is a nice way to give a light and romantic atmosphere to your home all year round.


To make this, you will need:


-          A wooden board,

-          String (choose the color you prefer),

-          A box of nails,

-          A sheet of paper,

-          Paint.


After painting your wooden board, draw a heart. Then, with a hammer, nail around the entire outline of the heart placing each nail at an equal distance to each other. Finally, pull the string: start with a small bow and continue stringing the string around the nails. Stop when you like what you have created!            


Tutorial: Green Wedding Shoes


2.      A Heart Tree


Valentine's Day Creative Craft


Ideal as a table centerpiece, this DIY decoration is easy and inexpensive to do.


To create your heart tree, you will need:


-          A pretty vase,

-          Small branches from your garden,

-          Small hearts that you have cut out from colored paper or that you have bought.


To complete it, all you need is a glue gun. Simply hot glue hearts on the branches until your heart tree is nicely filled. Then, you just have to set the table and use your heart tree as your centrepiece.   


Tutorial: Money Hip Mama$


3.      A Cork Heart


Valentine's Day Creative Craft


Wine lovers will certainly like this DIY! Valentine's Day will become an opportunity to not only show your romanticism, but also your love for wine.


To make this heart, you will need:


-          A piece of cardboard,

-          Wine corks,

-          Ribbon (choose the color of your choice).


Start by drawing a heart on your cardboard, and when you like the size and the width, cut it out. Make it the size you want. Then, with a glue gun, glue the corks one by one on the cardboard.


Finally, you just have to hang your heart on the wall with your ribbon. 

Tutorial: Layali LifeStyle



4.      A Heart Wall Lamp



Valentine's Day Creative Craft


For Valentine's Day, nothing is better than soft lighting! This wall lamp will give you the romantic atmosphere you need for that special evening.


You will need:


-          A string of red lights,

-          A thick foam board,

-          An extension cord.


With a pencil, start by drawing a heart on your foam board, which you have previously cut in a circle. Then, using a craft knife or box cutter, make holes at regular intervals.


After this step, feed your lights through the holes. Be gentle to avoid damaging the foam board. With the leftover foam board, create a small box that will both hide the wires and stand the lamp out a bit from the wall. Finally, connect the lights to your extension, which will be plugged into a wall socket, to light your lamp.   

Tutorial: Paper, Pate, and Plane


5.      Romantic Napkins


Valentine's Day Creative Craft Valentine's Day Creative Craft
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Add a touch of romance to your table by customizing your napkins. Time to dig out your origami folding techniques!


Take out your most beautiful napkins and search on the Web for the ideal model for you. Here are tutorials for a heart and a flower.


How do you put love in your décor?