Kitchen backsplashes can be a real nightmare. Expensive workforce, equipment rental, material purchases such as pre-made grout and tiles, no wonder costs are rising so fast. The student lifestyle or simply the expensive cost of life are good enough reason to forget about your kitchen makeover.


Only, with spring around the corner, you still think about it… a little! 


At Smart Tiles, we are more than aware of this reality and the accessibility of our products is one of our core values. Leave behind you financial stress and give a fresh start to your backsplash. One you have the self-adhesive tiles, you
will be ready for an easy and affordable kitchen relooking. Smaller wallets, we have your back!






Our favorite DIY projects


Creative people are often full of resources and do not hesitate to set up DIY projects for decoration. Here are our favorites!


Smart Tiles Metro Grigio


The real value of Smart Tiles


Accessibility is a fine word, but what are the real costs of a kitchen makeover? Our specialists have put together a table to compare all possibilities:


Smart Tiles Cost Comparison Chart


Tiles for the budget lovers


Everything you need for an accessible decor project and start saving now!


Smart Tiles Subway White