Self-adhesive tiles are definitely a perfect solution for anyone who wants a magnificent result without long-term commitment or who simply wants to avoid long, expensive renovations. If this option seems enticing, then what about the long-term results? Do the tiles end up peeling off? Do they stain walls? If I leave my apartment, will I be able to easily remove my backsplash?


These are normal questions asked by our customers on a daily basis. So Smart Tiles decided to reach out to their customers to see how their tiles were doing one year later.


Smart Tiles - Hexago - Carnets Parisiens


Cyrielle of Carnets Parisiens:


"My Smart Tiles have been installed for two years now and yet, they have not moved one iota. Even those located closer to the sink that often received their share of water did not peel off at all. Since we’re moving, I’m now removing them, and it’s very easy to do so (it takes a bit of strength to take it off). Some have been super easy to peel off with the hairdryer and others took more time. Few traces of glue to remove. In short, it’s really a cool product when you’re a tenant!"


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Model: Hexago


Smart Tiles - Subway White - Je dis M


Margaux of Jedism:



"After more than a year in my kitchen, nothing has moved. Even the small corners that took more time to install are still holding in place. People are always surprised when I tell them that it is adhesive and that it’s currently covering my old tiles. Regarding the colour, I have nothing to say, everything is the same. Frankly, I have the same opinion as I did a year ago."



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Model: Subway White


Smart Tiles - Métro Blanco - Carnet de printemps


Anaïs et Benjamin of Carnet de Printemps:


"Our Smart Tiles are still fixed to the wall! The sheets and the false joints are still very white, which continue to brighten up our kitchen. Cleaning is super fast, you only need a sponge and voila! In any case, they are not messy and, contrary to what one might think, the dirt does not infiltrate the fittings. In short, we are still SUPER delighted with the results and would definitely recommend Smart Tiles!"


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Model: Metro Blanco


Smart Tiles - Murano Metallik - Initiales GG


Géraldine of Initiales GG:


"Here is my opinion, a few years later. The tiles have not moved, and yet they are on the credenza in my kitchen. The colour, texture and the brightness are just as they were on the first day, and I am delighted to have tested these tiles. I was a little afraid that they would peel off eventually, but they haven’t, and I am completely satisfied! "


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Model: Murano Metallik



Want to know more? The Rowlesmade family made a video to check up on the condition of their tiles a year later!


Model: Bellagio Sabbia