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Are your kitchen and bathroom still displaying outdated mosaics? It’s time to put that look behind you! In 2017, we celebrate the modern and soft look of stones like black, white and carrera marble, granite and travertine. Trends this year highlight these noble materials with which one can play for a contemporary and chic look, in every room of the house.


You’re probably thinking about all those times renovation rimed with frustration. But no more! With our flair for new styles in vogue, we have many designs imitating stone, including our Dual Finish collection. With its velvet finish, this tile combines ceramic and stone perfectly, so your guests will only see the wow factor! You will also be able to refresh your favourite room in less than three hours!


Whether it’s for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, a fireplace, or a DIY project, there’s no reason not to fall in love with stone!


To inspire your next decorating move, we’re giving you a little challenge! How well do you know your stones?




Letters are mixed up... Try to fix this to find out our stones models.


A) errcar beralm
B) klcba mearlb
C) tnievratre sacclsi
D) inertga


Answers below...


The cornerstone of your decor!


Thanks to our concern for aesthetics, our various models will perfectly match your favourite style. Here are our own favourites!


Capri Taupe


Smart Tiles - Capri Taupe


Métro Carrera


Smart Tiles - Métro Carrera


Cortina Grigio


Smart Tiles - Cortina Grigio


Milano Carrera


Smart Tiles - Milano Carrera




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Who doesn’t wish to take a peek in the neighbour’s house? Here are our finds to give you a boost of inspiration in your renovation planning!




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Black marble


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THE dreamiest bathroom


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Challenge's Answers


A) Carrera Marble
B) Black Marble
C) Classic Travertine
D) Granite