Your kitchen or bathroom counter is cluttered. You definitely need more storage space - this is common. Have you thought about using all the space offered by your backsplash?


Let us show you some simple options that can be installed directly on your kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

Strong and Durable Peel and Stick Backsplash


Before we begin, it is important to note that our peel and stick backsplash tiles are strong enough to support all of the options below.


It is possible to drill and insert nails or screws. Make sure you wait at least 48 hours before doing it. This will allow the adhesive to completely weld to the surface.


If you have installed our self-adhesive tiles directly over existing tiles, make sure the former can be drilled without damage.

Your Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash Storage Space


Backsplash has two well-known functions: it will protect your wall and add some pizzazz to your kitchen or bathroom. Using it as storage space is probably a less well-known function.


Shelving, a hanging bar or even magnetic strip give you three advantages:

Free up your workspace.

Quick access to commonly-used accessories.

- Gain more counter and cabinet space.


Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash Ideas


These easy to achieve options, can be completed in either of the two most used rooms in your home.


For example, you can install the following accessories directly on your bathroom wall:

- Hand towel holder

Toilet paper holder

Toothbrush holder


On your kitchen backsplash, consider hanging frequently used items to make them quickly accessible:

Knives (do not make them too accessible; think about children!)

Cookware (if above the stove, determine the right spot to prevent splash damage)



Extra, try a wine rack for your favorite bottles.


Do It Yourself and Save


Do you need to hire a specialist to do this makeover? No! You can do it yourself with a bit of patience, the right tools and by paying attention to details.


Whether it is a shelf, hook or magnetic strip, purchase a trustworthy product at your favorite store.


Generally, you'll need a cordless or power drill, not to mention a marker, ruler and level.


A Few Installation Tips


Read the manufacturer’s directions and follow their installation guide.


Here are some other helpful tips:

- The drill should be as perpendicular as possible to the backsplash.

- Drill as slowly as possible to start and gradually increase the speed.

- Apply light pressure on the drill.


You are now ready to free up space from your countertops and cabinets. By making full use of your backsplash, you now have more storage space in your kitchen or bathroom.


Do you have other tips to improve storage space in the kitchen or bathroom?