Summer DIY 


Creativity knows no bounds other than one’s imagination. Many people long for home projects to decorate their home at a low cost, thus reusing everyday objects to give them a second life and reducing their daily environmental impact. Recycling things around you is all the more exciting when the final result is beautiful.


Our self-adhesive tiles have that versatility that allows them to be used for all kinds of interesting projects. Easy to cut and to install, they will be the best friends to your creations, whether your projects are practical or simply aesthetic.


Does that inspire you? Us too! Here are some fun and easy tinkering ideas for you "Do It Yourself" fans.


Smart Tiles - Vintage Bilbao


One wall at a time


Our tiles are the perfect accessory to put a little life on your walls, whether it be in a frame, for the board supporting your plants, or simply to refresh a neglected mirror!


Frame scrapbooking - Smart Tiles Vintage Gaudi


Smart Tiles - Minimo Cantera


Mirror - Smart Tiles Vintage Bilbao


The good things in life


Every self-respecting Epicurean is in love with great art, that is to say, wine and music! This project is one of our favourites because of its originality and practicality. To your tools!


Guitar and wine - Smart Tiles Capri Taupe


You made a DIY project with our Smart Tiles? Send us your accomplishments. You may be the next one to be featured in our inspiration newsletters!