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Smart Tiles help out a Designing Spaces couple with their kitchen project. Here is the peel and stick backsplash idea we came with.


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2 Comments | 18-11-2015 Posted in Kitchen Videos

A new look in 47 minutes. No, I'm not talking about your hair. Let's see how you can change the look of a kitchen without removing the old ceramic. No mess? Smart Tiles can do it. Model: Slate


41 Comments | 04-03-2013 Posted in Kitchen Videos

It's easy to install Smart Tiles to change the look in even the trickiest areas. In this project of the month, see how Java tiles bring a modern touch to this bathroom.

0 Comments | 12-11-2012 Posted in Bathroom Videos

Our new project of the month: Here is how you can bring a touch of color and texture to a bathroom with a $50 budget. It might be a small decorating budget, but the result is WOW!

0 Comments | 10-10-2012 Posted in Bathroom Videos

Our challenge: Make these two small bathrooms look bigger and brighter. Model: Murano Metallik.


0 Comments | 29-05-2012 Posted in Bathroom Videos

This kitchen was freshly renovated and the cabinets and counters were changed. It's just missing a clean, simple and elegant look... Here is the solution with Smart Tiles Infinity Bianco..


0 Comments | 14-02-2012 Posted in Videos

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