Little and big at the same time


Just like in family movies, sometimes all you need is a little magic to transform the look of an unloved room. One of the most frequent reasons behind neglecting the decor of a room is often its small size.


Don’t be discouraged! A small room doesn’t have to rhyme with boring. With the right accessories, a layer of paint and even a new backsplash, your problematic room is transfigured before your eyes!


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In order to inspire you for your decorating projects, we have chosen to demystify small bathrooms and offer you some tricks to suit your tastes.


Accessorize to Conquer


Accessories are often the missing element you need! If your small bathroom seems bland, add touches of colour to catch the eye.


The Vanity


No need to be classic! As shown in this photo, a shimmering colour can make all the difference.


Source : Pinterest 




As silly as it may sound, a coloured rug can give the impression of a larger room!


Source : Pinterest




Simple but effective, this decorative element adds personality and charm to the bathroom.


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The Backsplash


A backsplash is a simple and effective way to give a little "oomph" to your bathroom. Our self-adhesive tiles are easy to install and will transform your toilet in no time.


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Isabelle to the Rescue!


Here’s a short video of the blogger Isabelle Larue redecorating the bathroom of a friend. With a budget as small as $200, the final effect is surprising!



Source : Engineer Your Space - Isabelle LaRue