Redecorating does not have to be challenging and take long hours of stressful, hard work anymore. Changing the decor in your restaurant can be easy and fast. Whether you have owned the same restaurant for a long while or you are remodeling one you just acquired, using self-adhesive wall tiles allows you to create a new look fast.

Check out our tips for restaurant makeovers using stick on tiles.


Restaurant MakeoversOpen for business. When you choose to redecorate your restaurant, you should know that closing the doors is not necessary when you choose wall tiles. You can change an entire dining area in a matter of hours. Few tools are required to create your new look as well. Measuring an area and cutting your material to fit that area is all you need to worry about when applying these tiles. Being able to use these tiles in a restaurant kitchen is a benefit.


Coming unglued. Many people worry about self adhesive tiles coming loose if they are near stoves or in areas of high moisture. The greatest benefit using these tiles is you can use them near stoves and even in bathrooms if you choose. The decorative appeal you create is long lasting and durable.


So many to pick! Color and style options available to you are great. Your biggest challenge will be choosing the one you most prefer. Choose from mosaic styles with bright colors or chromatic styles for a more intense modern decor. Styles are also available for those small places that need special attention.


In some areas, you might want a more elegant look. Choosing a motif pattern can allow you to apply an elegant touch. Bear in mind the importance of maintaining your color scheme when using motif patterns that exhibit a busy appearance. Always use solid colors for accessories when using motif patterns for tying together your color scheme.


Drawing a blank? If you have blank walls adjacent to or across from areas you use wall tiles on, consider using matching formed tiles shapes for accenting. Several of these shapes are available to help you reach the appeal you are trying to achieve. Making the right choices about restaurant decor is important for your customers to feel comfortable and relaxed while visiting.


Using self-adhesive wall tiles allows you to cover over existing tiles, paint or wallpaper already on them. Saving time is easy when you have fewer steps to take in the preparation of walls before applying stick on tiles. Nix the prep work! Smart Tiles has many beautiful design ideas to get your restaurant facelift underway!