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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can they be installed on a freshly painted wall ?
A : Smart Tiles adhere very well to painted walls.  However, it is strongly recommended that you allow a period of 3 weeks for the paint to dry before applying the product.

Q : Can they be used to cover existing tiles?
A : Smart Tiles is the ideal product to cover existing tile work.  Thanks to a specially designed adhesive, they easily adhere to any sleek and clean surface.  Avoid the heavy work and drastically transform a kitchen or bathroom in no time!

Q : Can they be installed behind the range or stove ?
A : You can use them behind the range without any worries.  The Smart Tiles are resistant to heat as well as cooking splashes.

For gas ranges without a back control panel or metal lid, keep a safety zone of 15 inches (vertically) on the back wall to prevent any direct exposure to an open flame.  We recommend the use of a stainless steel panel to fill that area.  For other cooking devices such as counter ovens, toaster ovens and others, keep a distance of 2 inches between wall and device.

Q : Will they stay in place in spite of the humidity ?
A : Once they have been properly installed, the Smart Tiles are as stable as conventional glass tiles and will resist the humidity level of a bathroom. 

Q : Can they be installed in the shower ?
A : Although they are humidity resistant, it is NOT recommended to cover the interior of a shower.  Exposure and direct contact with water, over a long period of time, might atenuate the adherance of the product.

Q : Are they easy to cut and handle ?
A : Nothing could be more easy!  All you need is a standard box cutter to cut and shape them to cover even the most tricky areas.  Furthermore, you can even pierce them with nails or screws should you wish to install a shelf, frame or towel holder for example. 

Q : Are they easy to clean ? 
A : A simple sponge is all you need to give them back their original shine.  For tough stains, use a mild cleaning product with no abrasive agents.

Q : Can they be easily removed ?
A : Should you need to remove them, simply use a hair dryer to heat up the surface and gently remove the tiles starting with the corners.

Q : Can I use them for a counter top or as a table mat ?
A : Although they are very resistant, the Smart Tiles have not been developped for that purpose and therefore should NOT be used as a counter top.  However, they can be used to give a touch of style to an old night table or wooden chest for example.  Leave it up to your imagination…

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