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Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles is a revolutionary and unique product. The innovative concept of this Smart Tiles allows you to dress up your walls with daring and imaginative concepts. The translucent gel Gel- 0™ gives a perfect 3D effect.


You will be pleasantly surprised by the similarity to glass mosaic. You will wonder why did they not think about this sooner! Smart Tiles installs in minutes free of dirt and dust and no special tools are required. Specifically designed for the kitchen and bathroom (mostly back splash) Smart Tiles is also resistant to the heat and humidity of the bathroom. Smart Tiles, a great product that will simplify your life!

Yes. For the warranty to be valid, go to our Warranty Page.

• If the product is purchased in the store, the store's return policies is applicable because it is considered the seller.


• For any purchase online, from Smart Tiles Web store you can return or exchange a product within 30 days of delivery. For a refund or an exchange, an authorization number provided by a representative of Smart Tiles online store is required. To obtain your RMA number Tel.: 1-877-784-2733, Fax: 
819-847-4025 or Email:


Return address

2035 René Patenaude,

Magog, Quebec, Canada

J1X 7J2


Returned products must be in the original packaging and in resale able condition, perfectly intact and be accompanied by the proof of purchase and the return authorization number. No exchange or refund will be made for products that have been used and / or damaged. Delivery costs and risks associated with the return is the buyer's responsibility, unless the products are defective. Returned products are subject to inspection. If the products are in good condition all sums debited from the credit card will be credited to the buyer except for shipping costs. For assistance with this process please contact customer service.


• A color variation is inherent to such products. Make sure of the color match when purchasing or before installation. No claims will be accepted after the product has been installed unless it is s a manufacturing defect.

Taxes, import fees or customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer. They vary depending on the destination country and are not included in the selling price nor in the cost of transport.

Especially designed for bathroom environment, Smart Tiles are highly resistant to humidity. The curing period is 48 hours after the installation.


However, it is highly inadvisable to submerge the tiles in water or expose them to direct steam.

Especially designed for kitchen environment, the Smart Tiles are highly resistant to the heat of stove. The curing period is 48 hours after the installation.


However, it is highly recommended to prevent direct contact with open flame.


If you install behind a gas range without a protective rear panel, allow a height of 15 inches above the surface without Smart Tiles.

Our products are certified NFPA (ASTM E84) and IBC Class B.

On our website: single units.


In stores or other Web sites: Smart Tiles are sold individually or in packs of 6 or 12.

Samples are available at a nominal cost per unit. The sample size is 3" X 3. All samples are sent by postal service. Expect 7-10 days delay.

A calculator is available for each tile pattern. Simply select the desired tile and follow the steps for a reliable estimate. The suggested number of tiles includes 10% waste factor.


Any smooth and sleek surface is perfect for Smart Tiles. A good cleaning and drying prior to installation will be required.


  • Painted gypsum (after a curing time of 21 days for freshly painted walls)
  • Smooth ceramic tile
  • Wall panel (acrylic)
  • Wall Linoleum
  • Mirror
  • Wallpaper


For more info on the recommended surfaces, visit "On What Surfaces Can You Install Peel and Stick Smart Tiles as a Backsplash".

Some rough or porous surfaces do not allow Smart Tiles to adhere properly. Despite a high level of heat resistance, wear and humidity, the Smart Tiles should not be used in areas where they may come into direct contact with steam or are submerged in water or used as a work surface .Rough surfaces such as porous wood, embossed ceramic tiles or textured wallpaper are not recommended as well as:


  • The inside of a shower
  • Floors
  • Ceiling
  • Countertop
  • Brick
  • Stone


For more info on the non-recommended surfaces, visit "On What Surfaces Can You Install Peel and Stick Smart Tiles as a Backsplash".

You can install the peel and stick Smart Tiles directly over your existing backsplash, it is made of glass or ceramic.

For more info, visit "How to Install Peel and Stick Tiles in a Kitchen Directly Over Existing Tiles".

• Make sure the surface is clean and dry (see Preparation and Maintenance section). The ambient temperature should be at least 18C (65F) and a maximum of 35C (95F). This allows the glue to adhere well to surfaces and ensures a hassle-free installation.


• Before starting the installation, please make sure that the tiles are at room temperature.


• It is important to wait 48 hours after installation before exposing tiles to moisture, allowing the adhesive to cure in the best conditions.


• With a proper installation process Smart Tiles may even be used in an unheated cottage or an RV .Smart Tiles withstand large temperature variations in cold weather (winter) or hot (summer).

The tiles can be installed on a surface where the temperature does not exceed 49C (120F). It is important to avoid direct contact with a heat source.

To install behind a gas range without a protective rear panel, allow a height of 38 cm (15 in.) above the surface to prevent the tiles coming in contact with open flame. A stainless steel plate may replace the rear cover panel and the tiles are positioned on top thereof. Where there is a wall to the right or left side of the range, Smart Tiles must be installed at least 6cm’s away. . For countertop appliances such as toaster-ovens, keep a space of 2 inches (6 cm) between the product and the unit.


It is important to note that some spices with high density pigment color such as Turmeric can stain the tile permanently.

With a square model (Mocha, Brownie, Idaho), start the grout line on the corner so you do not have to stress the Gel-O.


For models like Keystone or Metallik, we suggest to join two tiles together at the corner. Watch our video for more details.

Preparation and Maintenance

All surfaces must be cleaned before applying the tiles Smart Tiles. A degreaser such as trisodium phosphate (TSP) is ideal for surface preparation.


Please ensure that the entire surface is clean and dry before installation.

A simple sponge is sufficient to restore the shine of Smart Tiles. It is important to clean surfaces promptly to maintain the original shine of your Smart Tiles. Use a mild household cleaning product without abrasive such as dish soap, a cream or a glass cleaner.

If there are empty space between drywall sections, apply a layer of plaster to fill the spaces. Then, application of a sealant will allow an excellent adhesion of the tiles. Please wait until the primer is cured (72 hours) prior to installation. If you use paint instead of primer, it is necessary to wait 21 days to allow full curing before installing the tiles.

It is important to have a smooth surface for perfect bond. A primer layer will seal and cover residual dust enabling tiles to adhere efficiently and in less than 72 hours.

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